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Photo: OccupyWallSt.org

Occupy Wall Street is gaining in popularity and in celebrity support. The protests against corporate greed, high unemployment rates, and numerous other social ills have been ongoing since Sept. 17th when a small group of protesters gathered in lower Manhattan. What began as a small gathering has become a much bigger movement with similar protest popping up in cities all over the nation.

An incident last week spawned some support for the protesters after a video went viral of a police officer pepper spraying a group of young, non-violent women who were penned in with orange mesh fencing without provocation. Once the video went viral and larger media outlets became aware that the protesters had no intention of going away any time soon, more people began joining the cause. Although that cause is still unclear.

Protesters joining the Occupy Wall St. movement seem to be protesting everything from global warming to the 2008 corporate bailouts. Signs carried by protesters read, “We are the 99%,” “Wall Street is Our Street,” and “If only the war on poverty was a real war then we would actually be putting money into it.”

The demonstrators have started gathering a wide array of celebrity support for the cause. Celebrity activist Susan Sarandon stopped by to speak with protestors and learn more about the protests. Roseanne Barr, Lupe Fiasco, and Michael Moore also came out to support the efforts of Occupy Wall St. Other celebrities have been using Twitter and blogs to show support of the group that claims to represent 99 percent of the population.

Yoko Ono, known for many things including her activism with John Lennon, wrote on Twitter, “I love #OccupyWallStreet As John said, “One hero cannot do it. Each one of us have to be heroes.” And you are. Thank you. love, yoko.”

Alec Baldwin tweeted the video of women being pepper sprayed saying, “This is unsettling. I think the NYPD has a PR problem.”

Author Salman Rushdie expressed his support of the protests on Twitter, “The world’s economy has been wrecked by these rapacious traders. Yet it is the protesters who are jailed.” He then added, “The thieves are in their palaces, counting their loot. But now the people are hammering at the palace gates.”

Rushdie’s support comes after a massive wave of arrests on the protesters after they attempted to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on Oct. 1. Over 400 people were arrested in what some believe was a planned mass arrest by the NYPD.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandt-Hardin/1380860155 Brandt Hardin

    The movement is gaining momentum in its THIRD week now and Occupations are popping up all over the country! Stand up together and use your voice to give to those without through peace and solidarity. Tax the rich and feed the poor- you are the 99%! See my Occupy Wall Street painting and Anonymous homage on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/09/occupywallstreet.html where you can also see videos of the protests and police brutality as well as get other sources for coverage of the movement.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Koulouris/600917206 Christopher Koulouris

    It’s important to note disparities in the system but it is also important to address how we as a society can agree to bring about changes to those things that grieve us and perhaps the mainstream media is right in this one respect- at the moment, no concrete plan or idea has been fostered as to how to exact changes in a very one sided system, and certainly waiting for the powers that be to come up with some watered down ideas hardly constitutes for much change, but then again at least the act of creating dissent and bringing awareness to what ails greater society is a good sign.

    Perhaps what then is needed next is a constituency of those individuals who work within media, medicine, insurance, education,finance and politics and so forth to propose ideas that will go some way in addressing the legitimate grievances of greater society-and to bring back some checking of the system and evening of the playing field. But should we hold our breath?


    • http://herwinsvegancafe.blogspot.com/ herwin

      typically mainstream media, they complain that the protesters dont have concrete demands.

      how about “dont bail out the rich anymore who stole money in the first place with their banks and big companies and ruined the economy, with tax payeres money”. and “jail the bankers”.

      for me, its an awareness campaign and i hope it stays that way and there will be no practical demands.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Remy-Chevalier/754430220 Remy Chevalier

    They need non-perishable food, warm and water proof clothing, batteries and solar chargers for media center, find UPS store shipping address on occupywallst.org

    • Serena Hanson

      Does anyone know what time the Wall Street Protesters are going to begin setting themselves on fire? Also do the need gas money?

      • don_miguelo

        Their money was taken long ago through a series of criminal loans and job cuts by corporations, who in turn funded Tea-Partiers. If the common workers burn themselves up in protest, Wall Street will turn it’s greedy hands to the next in line– so I’d be very careful what I wished for.

  • http://herwinsvegancafe.blogspot.com/ herwin

    well said, Don Miguelo.