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We covered the story back in 2007 when Pretenders star Chrissie Hynde opened her restaurant. Now, it has sadly closed after four years in business.

The Akron, Ohio vegan restaurant/bar/coffeehouse/bakery, VegiTerranean, has now officially closed its doors. According to the Washington Post, Hynde posted a note on the restaurant website this weekend saying that while she and staff members tried to stay open, the current state of the economy has made it impossible.

Vegan blog Your Daily Vegan, also served up this bad news along with some delicious-looking photos of food from VegiTerranean. The note from Hynde is also included. She says, “It is with great regret that The VegiTerranean in downtown Akron has closed its doors for the last time. This has been a labour of love for me for the last four years. We tried everything we could to keep the restaurant going but unfortunately due to the current economic climate this has not been possible. I’d like to thank everybody who helped me try to fulfill my dream. I discovered that vegan cuisine in Ohio has become more appreciated than I imagined.”

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  • Kev

    Maybe they had to close because they were asking $20 a plate for a steaming pile of veggie crap.

  • LittleMe

    Yeah… sickening how a meal without all the cruelty and suffering that gets thrown in with meat dishes can cost so much.

  • Cassidy Smith

    $20 isn’t bad at all, considering how much a steak or lambchop dinner plate costs. Only ignorant people think a vegetarian or vegan dinner is worth every cent because they have no idea how healthy it is, how good it tastes and how the lack of any suffering or cruelty is a bonus. As for the steak dinners, try $20 and UP. Visit NY, let’s see you find a steak for under $10., Kev.

  • Ash

    To me, the quality of the food, amazing taste, and being able to order ANYTHING off a menu was well worth it. Plus the decor and atmosphere were amazing! So Sad :(

  • Stephanie F. Anielski Lodge

    i can’t even express how sad i am that the VegiTerranean closed. although i am not vegan i did love that everything on the menu was. i loved the food and the atmosphere. i can’t think of a single place that is 100% veggie in Cleveland/Akron.