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Known for his environmental efforts, Edward Norton is lending a helping hand for people to receive access to clean water.

With about 880,000,000 people living without clean water, Norton has decided to back the ‘Donate to Drink $2 Million Challenge‘ campaign.

“It’s not just a Bandaid or a superficial gesture,” Norton said. “This is a real practical solution to solving the world’s drinking problems for millions of people.”

So far, $1,313,420 has been raised! By donating, Water For People can continue to build wells, improve sanitation and provide potable water. In addition, you can receive gifts including jewelry, a stainless steel water bottle and a trip for two to Rwanda if you raise $1,000.

Check out Norton below as he advocates for this clean cause!

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  • Green Joy

    What a stand-up guy. Sometimes I forget that it becomes easier for a cause to receive more support if a recognizable face is an advocate. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Bono, and Edward Norton are perfect representatives because they are well-known and receive more media coverage. Philanthropies such as these are sometimes the only hope for less developed countries, especially those in war-torn areas. It is easy to take things for granted, like water, which is a problem for so many people.

    I raise my hat and applaud Edward Norton and other celebrities who carry such humanitarian flags. Praise should not be withheld from people behind t he scenes who keep all these programs running. Thank you and keep on doing such fine work!

    Juan Miguel Ruiz (Gone Green with GreenJoyment)