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Tobey Maguire may be best known for his role as Spiderman, but did you know he’s also a vegan? He has made it pretty clear he doesn’t like leather, having banned it from his house. That means giving him a car with seats made out of cow skin might not be the best choice.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the actor is currently staying in Australia with his family while filming The Great Gatsby. Maguire was given a free Mercedes to drive around while on location, but sent it back for a replacement when he saw the car’s leather seats.

Maguire was vegetarian for fourteen years before going vegan in 2009, or almost vegan? The former-Spidey said, “I don’t eat eggs, or nearly any dairy – no cheese or milk. I do eat honey and a piece of milk chocolate here and there. It’s never really been that hard for me…I’ve never had any desire to eat meat. In fact, when I was a kid I would have a really difficult time eating meat at all. It had to be the perfect bite, with no fat or gristle or bone or anything like that. I don’t judge people who eat meat – that’s not for me to say – but the whole thing just sort of bums me out.”


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  • Natalie Zaracko

    This is awesome, but it seems weird to call him a vegan a moment before talking about how he occasionally eats dairy and honey. If you eat dairy and honey you’re a vegetarian. It’s still cool he ditched the leather though.

    • herwin

      u r right. like it or not, all you people out there, veganism is very strict with its defenition. thats how we vegans like it.
      we dont want that over a few years other new “vegans” (thanks to misinformation on the net) tells us that a little bit honey or a little bit dairy is “ok” and still “vegan”, and that “we” are too “extreme”.
      and..he is not “judgemental”. another sign of not being a real vegan :-P.
      Veganism = “Meat Means Murder”. If that isnt judgemental..:-P
      Anyway, Toby is a great celeb veghead and i admire him very much.

    • Heather Bahler

      Okay, VEGAN POLICE!!! :P

      (I’m just teasing, she’s my friend!)

      • Jeff


  • Jennifer Mishler

    I believe he said that at the time when he started to become vegan and has become vegan since. Didn’t make that clear enough, I guess.