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Betty White is quickly approaching 90, but that hasn’t stopped her from shaking her “cheesecake” and starring a new rap video thing with British singer Luciana. It’s all part of a promo for “The Lifeline Program”, which helps those seniors interested in making some cash through the sale of their unwanted insurance policies. Proceeds from sales of the song (which I can’t imagine will be tremendous) will benefit White’s beloved Los Angeles Zoo.

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  • http://www.SendoutCards.com/BeKind Wendy Cornwall

    Awww Betty. So much fun! Thanks for sharing with us Ecorazzi !!! You made my day.

  • Suasoria

    Betty White’s “support” of the LA Zoo includes almost singlehandedly being responsible for confining Billy, an elephant who badly needs to go to sanctuary. No one who supports a zoo should be regarded as an animal advocate. Betty is adorable, but no friend of mine.