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Got an extra $12,500 laying around that you want to blow on the opportunity to sleep in Heather Mills’ bed, eat on Heather Mills’ couch, or swim in Heather Mills’ pool? No? Shockingly, neither does anyone else.

The 43-year-old, who wants to make her vegan Vbites restaurant franchise larger than McDonald’s, has put her $4.7M English estate (the one she bought received after splitting with McCartney), but has yet to find any takers. “It’s a ­stunning house, easily the best in the area,” a source told the UK Mirror. “But it appears there aren’t too many willing to part with £7,995 a month in these tough times.”

The property apparently features 15-acres of orchards, gardens, horse stables, pools, and what looks like on Google Maps like a trampoline.

Mills is reportedly in Croatia this week to attend the “ZeGeVege Festival”, which promotes sustainable living and environmental protection. “The festival’s organizers will give out free make-up not tested on animals and other goodies,” the Croatian Times points out. “Participants will also have an opportunity to learn more about organic and ecological food, environmental innovations and much more.”

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  • Susan

    She didn’t buy this house herself. Paul McCartney bought it for her during the divorce proceedings, and it was part of the divorce settlement.

  • Phoenix225

    Susan is correct. Mills is/was not the purchaser of this home — McCartney bought it for them so that Beatrice remains close to his residence, and so that Beatrice could remain in the school(s) (selected) she has been attending… I find it very much of concern that neither of these concepts appear to be priorities to Mills any longer… These are most definitely the years in which, for her psyche and wellbeing, Beatrice must be the focus and priority — these years with/for Beatrice will be over in a blink…