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VegNews 2011 Veggie Awards: Sneak Peek At Some Winners!

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The current article you are reading does not reflect the views of the current editors and contributors of the new Ecorazzi

The November/December issue of VegNews just shipped this morning – and the magazine was kind enough to pull back the curtain on a few winners for Ecorazzi readers. If you’re not a subscriber (or simply impatient), you can download the $6 digital version of the awards issue here.

This year, over 1.1 million votes from 44,000 participants were cast – making this yet again the world’s largest survey of vegan people, places, and products. Want a sneak at some winners? Hit the jump below!

Reader Picks:
Favorite Vegan Ice Cream: Coconut Bliss
Favorite Veg Meat: Gardein
Favorite Vegan Milk: Almond Breeze
Favorite Condiment: Vegenaise
Favorite Vegan Cookie: Alternative Baking Company
Favorite Veg-Friendly City: New York

Editor Picks:
Product of the Year: Earth Balance Coconut Spread
Company of the Year: BabyCakes NYC
Restaurant of the Year: Native Foods Café
Book of the Year: Whitewash
Movie of the Year: Forks Over Knives
Non-Profit of the Year: Mercy for Animals

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  • TG

    I was a vegetarian for 25+ years, and for the life of me could not figure out what made vegans think of themselves as “so morally superior” (that was my perception at least. Hey! I wasn’t killing anyone (much).

    And then I found out that there is so much more cruelty in the dairy and egg industries that I probably should have done animals a favor and started eating steaks instead of eggs and dairy. It would have been a less cruel choice.

    Bridging that disconnect took me over 25 years though. Once it was bridged, I guess I became one of those “morally superior” vegans….except that its not about being morally superior. Its about trying to get the truth of what people are contributing to out there. But because it approaches subjects that the people who still want to enjoy those foods don’t want to hear about, it gets labeled in certain ways.

    Sorry, but there is just as much death (of not more) caused by eating dairy and eggs than by eating meat. And a LOT more cruelty. You create veal with every glass of milk (as did I for a very long time). At what point are people supposed to pretend that is the same as consciously doing no harm? Its not the same at all.

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