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Mark Salling known for being the rebel of McKinley High on the hit series ‘Glee’ is shedding his bad boy image and joining the fight to end child hunger.

Recently, he tweeted about his new PSA for ConAgra Foods’ ‘Child Hunger Ends Here’ campaign. “Watch my PSA w/ @ConAgraFoods to fight child hunger in the US; you can join the fight too #ChildHungerEndsHere.”

In his PSA, Salling explained why the campaign is so important. “More than 17 million kids in the United States live in food insecure households? That means they don’t have access to enough food to live active, healthy lives. That’s nearly 1 in 4 kids that are struggling with hunger and it’s happening in every state and in every county and in every school across the country.”

Child hunger hits close to home for the actor, as his home state of Texas ranks no. 2 in the nation for children going hungry.

ConAgra is partnering with thousands of schools across the nation in hopes of reaching their goal of donating 5 million meals. For more information, check out Salling’s PSA and see how you can help.



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