This week on Ecorazzi’s “Good Gossip” video series, we’ve got Hugh Jackman showing off his sensitive side, Gisele named greener than her ex-boyfriend Leo DiCaprio, and Brangelina do good – again.

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  • cousteaufan

    Too many of these celebrities are using the environmental movement as a giant pr stunt to sell images of himself that are not consistent with the lives they lead. Di Caprio is one of the worst offenders. Solar panels on his home and staged pictures of him driving a new electric car do not make up for his use private jets, yachts, and other excesses.

    • herwin

      yeah, and the worst thing is, we cant be cricitcal of “green” celebs using private jets and other things seriously bad for the environment, without risking being blamed being negative or being police.
      i still seriously think its mindboggling to call a person like the Virgin guy (forgot his name) a green celeb. FHS the guy is developing space tourism which will produce massive loads of toxic fumes in OUR air. Thats the air from ME and my kids ! The Virgin guy can share the toxic fumes of his cheap airlines and future space crafts with us, but he sure keeps the profits to himself, eh.