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We all know when attending sporting events we don’t eat the best, especially when there aren’t any healthy options! Well that all changed at NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series and we can thank racecar driver Danica Patrick.

The NASCAR series featured Patrick’s new ‘Fit Fuel’ menu this past weekend at the Bank of America 500 race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina where healthy veg-friendly options were offered for racing fans.

The healthy menu sponsored by Patrick exposed fans to black-bean burgers on whole-wheat buns, veggie chopped salad, fruit and veggie cups, trail mix and Clif Bars. Yum…sounds delicious and very different than what is usually offered like the “Funnel Bacakonator,” a funnel cake covered in chocolate syrup and bacon pieces.

“For me it’s important to always eat healthy and balanced meals so I have enough energy for the task at hand,” Patrick said. “My Fit Fuel menu is loaded with healthy options, so fans can make smart choices about what they eat when they’re enjoying the races.”

Hopefully, Patrick has some influence and her healthy food options will pop up at more racetracks!

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  • Carisa Liang

    This is why I like Danica. She wants us to feel better about ourselves and she knows how important it is to be healthy and fit!

  • greg gurnett

    Excellent idea.