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Val Kilmer’s Pecos River ranch finally has a new owner.

The 51-year-old (who could definitely benefit from reading this) has been attempting to sell the 5,300 eco-wonderland since 2009. The initial market price of $33M bottomed out earlier this year at $18.5M. It appears that was the sweet spot for one oil boss, Benjamin A. Strickling III, who reportedly is the new owner of all but 141-acres that Kilmer intends to hold on to.

Kilmer’s original business plan was to develop high-priced homes, constructed with indigenous materials (adobe, wood, and stone for natural insulation and heat), and featuring solar panels and a wind turbine system. Each house would be required by its “members” to have its own government-certified organic garden; its fruits would go to a co-op.

“It says something that almost 100 percent of the people who come here just feel good,” he said in a 2006 interview.”There’s a right-ness to developing a community that interacts with the local one. I have to develop it because otherwise it’s really wasting the land.”

Perspectives like that one always make me chuckle. I mean – imagine what we could develop on all that wasted land in Yellowstone?!

Let’s hope this oil exec doesn’t f*ck things up. I wonder if Val got to keep his awesome treehouse?

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