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Unfortunately, PETA has reported another New York City horse used to pull carriages throughout the Big Apple has died.

On Sunday morning, the horse collapsed in the middle of street while on its way to Central Park.

‘Glee’ starlet Lea Michele is strongly against horse drawn carriages and tweeted her reaction to the horse’s death. “Just woke up to the saddest news about one of the carriage horses dying the midtown NYC. This has to stop! Please:(.”

She then tweeted, “Trying to move past the sad news from this morning.. Getting ready now to do some press for #Glee.. Super busy day today!”

PETA also responded through Twitter and posted the following tweet, “Another horse used 2 pull carriages in NYC is dead. WATCH @msleamichele‘s vid about the miserable lives of these horses”

A spokeswoman for PETA and horses, Michele recorded a video about the lives of these horses, who haul heavy loads through the busy city, even during harsh weather. The video is posted below, so be sure to watch!

According to The New York Dail News, an investigation is being sought after by the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages, while the ASPCA will perform an autospy to determine the cause of death.

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  • Stephanie LeBlanc-chemaganish

    I am also stongly against quebec city canada they still do can see that the horses are very tired.but it seem that no one cares..not sure what to about it… angers me..

  • Karina

    I was in Central Park Sunday morning for the Farm Sanctuary Walk For Farm Animals. We passed by 3 horse drawn carriages, and one of the horses was barely able to walk and nobody in that carriage even cared. Its disgusting how these beautiful animals are treated by selfish people.


    Take action for the horses! Visit and call your council member. Ask them to support Intro 86, legislation to replace carriage horses with electric vintage cars.

  • Donny Moss

    If Lea Michele wants to help, she can use her bully pulpit to help vote Christine Quinn out of office. Because Quinn has undemocratically killed the popular bills to ban horse-drawn carriages while strong arming the Council to give carriage operators a pay raise in 2010, she is solely responsible for the fact that they are still on the streets of NYC. If that’s not bad enough, Quinn has killed every meaningful animal protection bill introduced since she became Speaker in 2006 – sprinklers in pet stores, wild animals in circuses, pets in housing, humane education, sale of foie gras, etc.

  • Rina Deych, RN

    Our delusional mayor announced that the industry is necessary to maintain revenue from tourists to the city, as if people come from around the world ONLY to ride in horse carriages. In fact, all the surveys (of tourists and others) show that most people don’t want to see these horses suffering in NYC streets. If Beijing, Montreal, and Paris can ban this cruel relic without any detriment, certainly so can we.

    These horses, many of them doing a second lifetime of toiling for man, are forced to work for 9 hours a day, in all sorts of weather extremes (with very minimal restrictions), in the midst of chaotic and unyielding NYC traffic, until they either drop dead of illness or exhaustion (the lucky ones) or end up sold at auction to be transported to Canada and Mexico, where they are barbarically butchered alive in slaughterhouses, as their “reward” for lifetime service to man.
    The brutal horse carriage industry is cruel and outdated and needs to be banned, period.

    I’m with Donny Moss. If Lea Michelle is truly concerned, she should use her influence to get rid of Christine Quinn,who is the only reason this barbaric industry was not abolished long ago.