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We recently wrote about the pro-vegetarian ads Mercy For Animals spread throughout busy transit spots in Chicago. Now, the animal rights organization has unveiled three very powerful television commercials.

Mercy for Animals (MFA) recently held an exclusive event in New York City to raise funds for the TV ads. Along with Founder/President Nathan Runkle, John Norris, former MTV News correspondent, was there to premiere the new commercials. The ads will begin airing on MTV in New York and Los Angeles, but the organization is planning for them to air nationally. The fundraiser included delicious vegan food from Blossom Restaurant and Vegan Treats, as well as drinks from vegan bar Pine Box Rock Shop. According to Runkle on the MFA Blog, “Designed to raise awareness about the plights of farmed animals, who suffer out of sight, out of mind, at the hands of the meat, dairy and egg industries, this hugely successful event raised tens of thousands of dollars to help ensure these groundbreaking ads will soon be seen by millions of young adults on MTV from coast to coast.”

The ads depict a woman buying meat in a grocery store, another at a drive-thru window, and a student in a school cafeteria – all of whom look down to see blood on their hands. This is followed by video of animals in factory farms, and the message “Help end animal cruelty. Choose vegetarian.” If you missed out on the vegan soirée, you can still donate to the ad campaign online or by calling 1-866-632-6446. According to MFA, with a donation of $25 you’ll be enabling them to reach 2,500 viewers!

You can watch all three of the new ads in the video below.

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  • georgina0912

    Wow, i just felt my heart stop and drop to my stomach. Watching those scenes of animals living hellish lives just makes me so terribly sad. Great though that MFA will be showing the ads on MTV, kudos to them!

  • Gary Ploski

    Powerful. I wonder how parents will react when they see the high school ad.

  • Monica Bauldry

    Love, love, love that these commercials will be airing on mainstreem networks. Something needs to be done about this factory farm sh*t – It’s disgusting! AND, Meat Isn’t Green (since “green” is the “cool thing to do” now).

  • April

    Yeah, those commercials were pretty sad. Doesn’t make me want to go vegetarian, but definitely powerful. And will probably some sway people to stop eating meat. I think we should definitely stop animal cruelty in factory farms, there’s no need to treat the animals like that. But I won’t stop eating meat. There are humane ways to farm animals. Shame on big business for forgetting that. And as much as I know I would never be vegetarian..or vegan…I would still give to this cause, because people need to see how these animals are being treated..but first..i think my priority should be giving to organizations that help people first. Like starving children. And not in other countries, I’m talking about starving children who go to bed without food in our own backyard. I gotta pick my battles wisely, and this is just not priority. MFA? MFP (Mercy For People)

    • john

      “Shame on big business for forgetting that” ???
      Shame on YOU for forgetting that your actions support animal abuse.

      Nice rationalizations you posted though…..

      • herwin

        now tell us exactly what you do for the “starving children in your own backyard.”

        let me guess. NOTHING.

  • Liezie Labuschagne

    Watch this video. I can not describe the pain I feel for what those animals are enduring. Somewhere it has to change !

  • http://facebook lana

    these adverts are powerful and will make meat eaters think and that is what education is all about. well done.

  • Karen

    Animals are brutally slaughtered everyday and the public needs to see it! So glad these commercials being aired on mainstream TV. Even if one person a day switches to a vegetarian way of life that’s a lot of animals saved over their lifetime.
    Kudos to MTV for allowing the commercials to be aired! Hopefully other networks will follow in their foot steps.

  • Dr.Cucumber

    It would have been nice when they would have used new clips for every video.

    Surely they used some new pics, but with fresh pics it would have been more powerful..more fuel for the mind

  • Plethora

    April- factory farming is the norm; this goes on constantly. Don’t delude yourself into thinking this is the exception. If you want to help those starving children, eat lower on the food chain. Think hard and you’ll figure it out.

  • herwin

    Mercy For Animals, you are great.
    My biggest respect goes for the undercover people who work in the slaughterhouses to document these disturbing facts and who have to deal with it, and who no doubt are psychologically harmed seeing it all. They are the true heroes, sacrificing their own sanity.

    interview with undercover ar activist.,8599,1883742,00.html

  • Air13148

    It would be great, but expensive, if these commercials could air on this year’s Superbowl.