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Betty White is helping to raise money for dogs with cancer for the Morris Animal Foundation by teaming up with a company called Orvis. That sentence alone sounds great as long as you aren’t familiar with Orvis, a store that specializes in outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.

White is promoting a best picture contest where people submit an image of their dog. The winning image is put on the cover of Orvis’ magazine. Also, each submission helps raise money for the Morris Animal Foundation.

And while you’re on Orvis’ website, you can also buy animal friendly (read sarcastically) shooting vests, hunting knives, gun safes, waterfowl bibs, and more for all your hunting and fishing needs.

What’s the connection? While Orvis sells items to help kill wildlife, they also sell cushy dog beds, collars and other accessories for our domesticated friends. We’re all for helping to cure canine cancer, but we’re quite surprised that Betty White is working with a hunting and fishing retailer. Quite a strange and contradictory partnership for an animal advocate like the lovable comedian and actress.

What do you think? Worth it to help dogs? Or bad move for an animal lover no matter who it helps?

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  • herwin

    What she does is only puzzling if we label her “animal advocate”, but for me, i wouldnt label her animal advocate and probably she doesnt label herself also as an animal advocate, and her behaviour is rather normal, just one of those “animal friends” who pat a dog on the back but never question the meat on their plate and are okay with hunting.
    She joined Peta for a campaign… once .. but she was publicly rather critical about Peta.
    The term “animal advocate” i reserve for people like Bob Barker.
    LBNL cancer in dogs is mostly caused by regular dogfood which objectively can be labeled as toxic waiste. (seriously…)
    Curing cancer for dogs also will mean many animal experiments on other dogs, just to “cure” the pets of rich owners.

  • Elaine Vigneault

    She probably didn’t know about the hunting and fishing.
    Or, she could be trying to help encourage the company to shift towards more animal-friendly activities.
    Of course, she could also just be getting a little older and not quite all there.
    Any of those explanations are plausible. They’re also more charitable.

    • herwin

      or maybe she is plain and simple not against hunting and fishing like 97 % of her generation ? ;-)

    • Anna

      How does it even make sense that she wouldn’t know its a hunting company. That’s like teaming with Cover Girl and saying you didn’t know they sell cosmetics.

  • Elle

    She’s a sweetheart, and I commend her for wanting to help dogs, but she needs to reconsider this deal and instead work with organizations that actually protect animals, not the hunt ‘em and kill ‘em type.


    Betty White is hypocrite, and a troll.

    It’s like working with the KKK to help poor income black communities. It is self-contradictory, and stupid to say the least. Betty White is stupid.

    Shame on her.

    Hunting is disgusting, and it is only for cowards. They shoot innocent unsuspecting beings from far away with a sniper.

    If these cowards were so tough, why don’t they try to take on a Deer, Bear, with their own bear hands.


    In fact, hopefully Betty White falls down, and never gets back up!

  • Tanner

    Can we even call Betty an animal lover? Maybe she needs glasses to see who she’s partnering with. I hope Orvis isn’t benifiting from this and only dog cancer research!