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Calling all ‘Vampire Diaries’ fans; you have the opportunity to eat dinner with Paul Wesley! The best part is it’s for a good cause.

Wesley, known for his role as Stefan, the new bad boy vampire on The CW, is one of the newest volunteers for Global Roots, an organization dedicated to protecting and nurturing children in areas of famine and social unrest, along with his wife actress Torrey DeVitto. Her name may sound familiar as she is widely known for her role as crazy ‘Nanny Carrie’ on ‘One Tree Hill’ and as Spencer’s sister on ABC Family’s hit series ‘Pretty Little Liars.

Both have recently become huge supporters of Global Roots and are now giving away the chance for two lucky winners to eat with them at a fundraiser dinner on April 2012 in Los Angeles.

When asked why he chose to benefit Global Roots, Wesley explained, “To those children, a life of famine and poverty is nothing but the norm. It is our duty to always remember this. And most importantly, to do everything we possibly can to help those who are in need. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to become more charitable in a focused and organized effort, and I organically and fortuitously stumbled upon ‘Global Roots.’ I am very proud to be a part of this program and my sincere hope is that more people will too.”

Currently, Global Roots is trying to raise more funds for children’s gardens and care centers for children who are suffering all over the world. For the contest, all fans have to do is donate $10, and the more donated the better chance fans have at winning.

“There is so much that we take for granted in life. We get so caught up in petty stuff that we get blinded, unable to see what is going on around us. Unaware of all the suffering going on in the world. There are millions of children who don’t even have the means to be fed every day,” DeVitto said. “Working with Global Roots allows me and enables me to lend my hand to help be a part of ending that reality for as many children as possible. Being a part of something so pure is truly an honor.”

For complete details, visit the site and if you decide to enter, the famous couple could be treating you to dinner! The winners will be announced on March 10, 2012.

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  • amy

    I should have figured you would have to donate for a chance to win. Some people dont have the money to be able to donate for a chance to win.

  • Kristen

    It’s a FUNDraiser, of course you have to donate. He’s not doing it to benefit his fans, he’s doing it to benefit the children that are helped by this charity. If you are a fan of his, regardless of your ability to donate, you should be glad he’s doing something productive with his fame.

    • Beth Cherry

      Thank you!! Geez.