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Have you heard about that Ted Danson jerk? You know, the hippie, earth-loving, Oceana founding board member one? Well, the always reputable National Enquirer has a source who says that ever since the actor started his new “CSI” series gig, he’s had the gall to start making the set more environmentally friendly! The nerve!

Said the source: “When Ted, who’s involved in many environmental causes, first arrived on the set, he was appalled that all plastic bottles were thrown into the garbage instead of being recycled.” How dare he?! Wait – what? WTF CBS? It’s nearly 2012 and you’re still not separating that shit?

“He’s had low-energy light bulbs installed everywhere, including the dressing rooms,” the source added. “He actually chided producers about thermostats being set too low. ‘It’s wasteful…and cold,’ he told them.” Again CBS, really? It’s taken Danson to show you how you can save a buck?

The Inquirer added that Danson even had a compost bin constructed for organic waste from meals. “While everyone respects Ted’s love for the environment, some are saying he needs to chill a bit,” the source complained.

Chances are this story is BS – but as many in the Hollywood set greening biz (I’m looking at you Reel Green Media) can attest to, there’s probably a bit of sad truth as well. Fact is, many sets out there are still not hip to the simple changes that can make a big difference. Rock on, Ted.

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  • Lauren

    National Inquirer should watch Greenlit. We would love to get on their callsheet!

  • Rachelle

    Good for him….Jorja Fox who plays “Sara/h” on CSI is also eco-aware–and I believe vegan. In a few past eps they’ve even alluded to it. :)

  • Mark Ehlers

    Rock on Dr Becker!

  • Scott

    I don’t like Ted Danson, but he was right about the light bulbs. If everyone in America changed just incadescent light bulb in their home to an LED bulb it would be equivalent to taking 300 thousand cars off of the road.