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Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush recently challenged Justin Bieber during an interview for the show. Bush, a follower of the teen pop star on Twitter, challenged the Biebs to endorse him to his 13 million followers on Twitter.

For tweeting out the endorsement of Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, Bush would donate $5,000 to the charity of Bieber’s choice.

Bieber gladly took on the challenge telling Bush, “how about you give it to my food bank in Stratford, Ontario?”

Bush’s following on twitter was at 80,000 before Justin Bieber tweeted out his endorsement which read, “with @billybush doing an interview follow him hes a good guy!”

The tweet must have worked because now Billy Bush’s twitter following has reached 95,833. Support from the Bieber’s following has obviously worked to the advantage of the Access Hollywood host.

Bieber might be well-known for his music but he is equally well-known for his charitable pursuits — from cutting off his hair to benefit the Gentle Barn Foundation to adopting a puppy from D’Arcy’s A.R.C. animal shelter with girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Bieber’s following is pretty grand at 13 million, but he isn’t the leader in followers on Twitter. That honor goes to Lady Gaga who can boast of a following of over 15 million people. However, Bieber claims that is only because he signed up after Gaga.

It doesn’t really matter who has a bigger Twitter following though. What matters is that Bieber’s food pantry will benefit from Billy Bush’s endorsement challenge to the tune of $5000 bucks.

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