This week on Ecorazzi’s Good Gossip video series: Russell Brand & Ozzy Osbourne’s big announcement, Justin Bieber adopts & Ellen Degeneres is opening a healthy veg restaurant. Hungry for more? Check out the video below.

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  • Bob

    “Come on! Give up meat and dairy! Everybody’s doing it!”

    Do you have any medical qualifications for advising people on making extreme changes to their diet Whitney? Does Ozzie Osborne? Russell Brand? Paul McCartney? Ellen or Portia? Shouldn’t people consult their doctor before making radical changes to their diet?

    By the way I eat meat everyday and I’m probably more guilt-free than you. I don’t try to influence children and other gullible people into taking on cult/fad diets that may be very unhealthy for them.

    • http://herwinsvegancafe.blogspot.com/ herwin

      you eat meat everyday ? i bet you couldnt imagine a meal without meat, eh. You would be lost. For people like you meat isnt food, its a cult, a religion.

    • Gail Howarth

      Hi Bob, thats a mighty funny message that you have put up there, wonder where it is all coming from? You wouldn’t be a closet vegan would you but are afraid to come out? Anyway you need to do what feels right for you, i am sure that no one is judging you for that. You know yourself better than anyone so keep doing what feels right at this time. I have gone vegan and i have to agree with what people are saying about it in that i have never felt better. I dunno what it is but it works for me. A friend who loved eating meat for years and is now 69 years old must have been listeneing to me talking about food etc and (I really cannot believe it) he has gone vegetarian these last two weeks and is saying to me’i dont know why i didn’t do this earlier’. I keep thinking ‘I did try to tell you’ but i have managed to resist the urge of saying that to him.

  • Elena

    HELLO? I stopped eating meat in August, I’m 16 and never felt happier. I’ve never tried to influence others. You, on the other hand… what are you even dong here? Telling people not eating meat is bad? Come on. Seriously. Come on.

    • don_miguelo

      EXACTLY, Elena and herwin, right on! Some commenters are apparently incapable of hearing the obvious tongue-in-cheek humor in Whitney’s tone when she says that line. And worse, decided they would react AS IF that comment was a unilateral command from the vegan overlords that gullible children must obey. UH-oh I just used more humor to prove my point– we know where this is headed.

      And BTW, if that commenter consulted a doctor I’m sure some radical changes would be in store for them. I don’t know of any nutritionist that declares meat everyday as normal, in fact most recommend cutting back with the portion sizes of most 1st world diets. Little things like high blood pressure, heart attacks, and colon cancer tend to make them advise against eating that way.

      It’s actually a good point, once you extract it from all the pushy, reactionary faux crap around it — consult a doctor to help you with any changes you make to better your health. Vegans and vegetarians have only to gain from that stage of a transition to an animal-free diet.