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50 Cent's New Children's Book Tackles Bullying

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Curtis Jackson, better known as rapper 50 Cent, has launched a new children’s book that aims to tackle bullying. The book called “Playground” does not confront bullying from the victim’s perspective. Instead it takes a look at bullying from the bully’s point of view.

In an appearance on the Today Show, 50 Cent said of his book, “I had more experiences where I was part of the problem, where I was actually bullying. To know now from an adult’s perspective and be able to write things, I can look back on those actual situations and say, ‘That was completely wrong.’ But I know what was motivating it now.”

50 Cent has come a long way in his career as a rapper, but he has also made great strides in becoming a better human being. It doesn’t change the fact that he was a bully when he was younger. It doesn’t ease the pain he might have cause others from his actions as a bully. It does matter that he is willing to step up to the plate and admit that he was part of the problem and try to rectify it by giving the world his story.

Jackson believes that his target audience (12- 15-year-olds) will read his book because they are the ones listening to his music. He believes they are also the kids who might be causing the problems. He said in the interview, “When I present something it’s different because of the energy and material I created in my music. A lot of the times the kids that would actually be a part of the problem are listening. When I offer it, they’ll take the time to stop and read it.”

Another reason that 50 Cent wanted to tackle bullying was because of his son. He told O Music Awards, “I have a teenage son, and it was important for me to deal with this issue for him and all teenagers.”

Recently 50 Cent joined DEVO in support of National Bullying Prevention Month by making an appearance at the Guinness World Record- breaking dance party. The breaking dance party raised funds for anti-bullying charities including GLSEN (The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network), It Gets Better Project, Human Rights Campaign, The Trevor Project, GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), and GSA (The Gay Straight Alliance Network).

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