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Recently, Bob Barker helped get three Toronto Zoo elephants sent south to warmer weather at a U.S. sanctuary. Now, another celebrity is speaking up for a zoo elephant and asking that she be relocated.

Before her recent performance in Alberta, Joan Jett penned a letter to Mayor Stephen Mandel of Edmonton and director of the Edmonton Valley Zoo Denise Prefontaine asking the two to send Lucy, the zoo’s only elephant, to a sanctuary.

According to PETA, Jett wrote, “This animal is basically being tortured. I urge you to please release Lucy to a sanctuary before the unbearably cold Canadian winter weather returns this year.” The rocker writes that she also learned of Lucy’s poor health through PETA, and that there is an urgent need to relocate her. “I’ve learned from my friends at PETA that Lucy is very ill, suffers from severe psychological distress from being left alone without other elephant companions, and would thrive in a warmer climate…Lucy’s many health problems—including obesity and painful arthritis—are very serious for an elephant who should have decades, not days, left to live. Elephants are social, intelligent, active animals who need to be with others of their own kind and have a vast area to roam. There are sanctuaries in the U.S. that can give Lucy all these things that the zoo cannot, while also tending to her ailments.”

PETA adds, “Elephant experts agree that if elephants are not with others of their kind, these highly intelligent and social animals experience psychological distress, and Lucy has been the only elephant at the Edmonton Valley Zoo for more than four years. The cold climate and confinement to a small barn have also contributed to Lucy’s poor health.”

The animal rights organization is asking others to join Jett, Bob Barker, William Shatner, and ZooCheck in the campaign for Lucy.

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  • Alyne Fortgang

    Science, common sense and compassion tells us that Lucy should be sent to a warm climate with others of her kind. This overt cruelty casts a dark cloud over Edmonton.

  • don_miguelo

    Excellent work, Ms Jett, you are a pen for the penless!

  • Hollie muskego

    I have love in Edmonton all my life and I agree the time is now to move Lucy and let her have room to roam and be with others! The greed of others is only killing Lucy.Who out their in
    Edmonton would like to be locked up, all winter alone and then come the warmer months be brought out so others could stare at you well others make money off you! I am sure none of us would do it….so why are we allowing the city
    and zoo do it to Lucy!!

  • Serena

    Dearest Ms. Joan Jett,
    I cried and prayed for poor Lucy as the cold Canadian winter approaches. I even thought about re-mortgage my house so that I can pay Lucy’s transportation and request Edmonton Zoo to release Lucy. Lucy should be sent to a warm climate immediately.
    With Love and Blessings,

  • Serena

    Lucy must be sent to a tropical savannah immediately. Lucy should not be in the zoo another cold winter day alone. She is suffering unimaginable pain, loneliness and sorrow all by herself.Lucy is innocent,defenceless voiceless beautiful gentle creature. Torturing innocent Lucy is totally senseless.