by Jennifer Mishler
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Most of us vegans will tell you we get pretty fast at scanning through food labels looking for animal ingredients. Soon, we may have some help though.

A new mobile app, Inrfood, will scan barcodes and tell you if there are any animal ingredients in the product! According to VegNews, the app that will launch at the end of this month will also identify foods with allergens, foods not safe for pregnant women, and individuals with heart conditions or diabetes using a color code – green means safe to eat, yellow means better in moderation, and red indicates food to be avoided.

VegNews reports that Inrfood will use a database of over 200,000 products and 40,000 ingredients, and information from experts including researchers, dietitians and nutritionists. And if you’re not at the store? You’ll be able to use the app to check products on the web.

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Jennifer Mishler is a writer, and a vegan and animal activist. When she's not writing, you can often find her volunteering or advocating for animal, environmental and human rights causes. Along with writing for Ecorazzi, she has contributed writing for nonprofits like Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and enjoys blogging. She resides in the Washington, DC area (and loves all the vegan food it has to offer). Follow Jennifer on Twitter: @jennygonevegan.

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  • Allison

    I can’t wait to use this, but my scanning skills have become rather good! Better late than never. Glad “there’s an app for that” ;)

    • herwin

      one of the fun things in a supermarket is scanning the labels and get baffled by the unreadable ingredient names . No way i let an app take that fun away !

  • Lisa Easterly

    Wow! This app sounds like it will be really nice to have!!

  • Stephen McIntosh

    Lol. this sounds cool but…WHAT NEXT?!

    Website Design Dundee :-)

  • JeffV

    I do have Nextnutrio iPhone App for a 2 week now I love it; i scanned all my food items with this app; i am surprised with the deep knowledge of this App. check it out

  • Nightstorm

    Once I customized the settings for my needs the app worked great and nothing I’ve found comes close to this app.