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Kristen Stewart went on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno on Thursday night and chatted about her stance on fur. The host pulled out a photo of the actress from W Magazine. In it, she looks like she’s wearing a black fur garment so Leno said to her, “You took a lot of heat for this picture.” Addressing the controversy, the actress said, “That’s not fur. I would never wear fur, ever.”

That simple declaration prompted quite a response from the live audience. Folks clapped and cheered for the ethical actress. Stewart said, “I’m not making any grand statements.”

However, with fur rebounding in recent years among some major fashion houses, it is quite a grand statement. Who knows. Maybe Stewart will participate in a fur free campaign now that she’s made her feelings clear.

See the video below and tune in at the 1 minute 12 second mark for her reaction to fur.


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  • Kate

    She would never wear fur but leather is fine? Why don’t people see it as the same? I don’t understand.

    • Kevin

      Because some believe that the fact that the flesh of leather producing animals is consumed by humans, and that said consumption is natural and proper, makes it fine. Otherwise the skin is discarded anyway, so why not use it?

      But fur-producing animals are not consumed, they are raised solely for their fur.

      I understand those who don’t consume meat have other feelings, and I care deeply about your opinion but it’s beside the point. I’m explaining, not justifying.

      • Kevin

        *and that their belief that said consumption

  • Sam

    She said it’s mohair? That’s animal-derived too…