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I never thought I’d see the day when Cabbage Patch Kids became a hot item again. But I now have and the newest dolls to be released are way cooler than the ones I had as a kid. JAKKS Pacific has unveiled the Steven Tyler Cabbage Patch Kid which is being sold on eBay to raise money for the Children’s Action Network.

Mr. Tyler isn’t the only celebrity to get a makeover as a Cabbage Patch doll. His likeness will join four other celebrity inspired dolls– Al Roker, Katherine Heigl, Raven Symone and Kristin Chenoweth.

The Steven Tyler Cabbage Patch is adorned in an outfit that is “rock ‘n roll” inspired with tight jeans, printed tee, funky jacket, beaded bracelets and choker necklances. The Celebrity Cabbage Patch Kid pays homage to the rock legend by including a mic stand with Tyler’s signature scarf tied to it.

Bidding on the Tyler Cabbage Patch Kid started on November 7 and runs until November 17. Right now, the celebrity look-a-like doll is at a price of $610 with 36 bidders. With 9 days left in the auction that number is expected to sky rocket.

All the proceeds from the Tyler auction will be donated to the Children’s Action Network which uses the power of the entertainment community to raise awareness about children’s issues. The non-profit is currently campaigning to raise awareness about finding homes for more than 107,000 children in the foster care system who are waiting for an adoptive family. The group is also campaigning to improve conditions for the more than 400,000 children in foster care.

Henry Winkler, actor and Children’s Action Network Board Director, said of the Celebrity Cabbage Patch Kids auction, “We are pleased to be chosen as the main beneficiary of this wonderful and creative auction of one-of-a-kind Celebrity Cabbage Patch Kids. With so many children in the foster care system, there is tremendous need for support from our community.  The funds raised in this auction will bring programs and services to these deserving children.”

Katherine Heigl was delighted to get involved and have her celebrity look-a-like Cabbage Patch Kid help support the Children’s Action Network. She said of her support, “I’m excited to be part of this auction to raise money and awareness for foster children. Adoption is a cause very close to my heart as I have an adopted older sister and an adopted daughter.  This auction is important to show the world how many adoptable kids are in great need for stable and loving homes.”

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  • Mara

    As an adoptee, I find this incredibly offensive. Cabbage Patch Dolls make “fun” out of a traumatic loss an adoptee endures by losing his/her biological parents.

    This isn’t cute. Mr. Tyler is clearly ignorant of the effect the 6 billion dollar unregulated adoption industry has on it’s product, victims, ie: trafficked children.

    Every child adopted in this country received a FAKE (just like a Cabbage Patch Doll) birth certificate. His/her factual documentation of birth is permanently sealed. A new falsified one listing the adoptive parents as the biological parents is forced onto the adoptee without his/her consent.

    Fundraising to separate more children from their families? Why not fundraise for FAMILY PRESERVATION and REUNIFICATION?

  • Tj jazzy n

    Mara u could not be more wrong. I have 4 children that I love more than anything in the world that were pulled away from their family and put up for adoption. They are succeeding in life due to funds that are being raised by this organization and I wasn’t to thank the celebrities that are using their fame to help better the nation’s youth rather than using it to get free things for themselves. Thank you Linda for publishing this article you are an awesome writer. Keep them coming.

  • http://ecorazzi.com dakota76

    Theres no way in hell I’d pay that for a cabbage patch doll.I wanted to buy it for a Christmas gift but when I saw the price I said fuck u!it would’ve been the perfect gift for someone too.

  • DisFan

    Wow Mara! Sounds like you a had a horrible adoption experience. To use the words “falsified” and “faked birth certificate” is completely untrue. Nothing is falsified or faked. It’s all done legally by many consenting adults. And the adoptee always has the option of attempting to locate their birth family at the age of 18 should the birth family wish to be found. If anything is faked or falsified, then it’s due to unscrupulous lawyers or because the birth parent didn’t use the proper channels to place their child. I’m sorry your situation has turned you so bitter against the adoption process. If it weren’t for adoption, then I would have never heard the words “I love you, Mommy” from my two precious ADOPTED children.