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Alicia Silverstone, a vegan and long-time supporter of Farm Sanctuary, is asking you to adopt a turkey instead of eating one this Thanksgiving!

Silverstone wrote on her site The Kind Life, “As you know, millions of turkeys suffer terribly at this time of year. Happily, Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-a-Turkey Project provides several ways you can celebrate turkeys and combat the cruelty. This year, Ellen DeGeneres is returning as spokesperson for Adopt-a-Turkey, encouraging Americans to save, not eat a turkey this year.”

She goes on to link various ways you can help a turkey and Farm Sanctuary this holiday season. She says you can sponsor a turkey (one-time donation of $30) or a whole flock of turkeys! If you want to see pictures of the turkeys available to sponsor, you can see them here, but be warned: they’re adorable! Silverstone says even if you can’t sponsor a turkey right now, you can help by getting the word out. “If a donation isn’t possible, you can help with media outreach by writing letters to the editor of your favorite publication. Farm Sanctuary provides tips and tricks for how to effectively do this here. You can also reserve ad space in your local newspaper, then contact Farm Sanctuary. They’ll send your newspaper the correct size camera ready ad. A third way you can reach out to the media is by asking to have a PSA aired in your community. Read how to do that here.

As always, the vegan star also encourages you to have a vegan meal, and impress some friends with your compassionate Thanksgiving feast. “Get all of your friends together for a delicious, cruelty-free feast and share heart-warming turkey rescue stories. Make it a fun affair that veg and veg-curious friends alike can enjoy. A pre-holiday potluck is also a great opportunity to test recipes for Thanksgiving…stay tuned for more on that soon!”

If you’d like to read more about Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey project, see our story about the cause and the returning spokesperson: Ellen DeGeneres!

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  • Brad

    Go green by harvesting a wild turkey. They are abundant and taste great!