If you think the oil spill from BP’s Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico is old news, think again. The drama is not over – oil is still leaking and hazardous chemicals are still being used to dissipate it, putting the health of our bodies and the planet is at risk.

Whitney Lauritsen of Good Gossip got the lowdown from actor Tim Robbins and filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Harrell Tickell at a press conference in Los Angeles for “The Big Fix”. Their documentary exposes everything you haven’t heard from the media about the disaster, revealing frightening facts that the government has been trying to keep under wraps. In this video, Robbins, the executive producer, offers up his political perspective, along with a panel of experts and Louisiana residents who have been suffering through the effects of the spill. You may recognize Josh and Rebecca from their award winning film “FUEL” and other projects such as the book/upcoming movie “Hot, Rich and Green”.
“The Big Fix” began its one-week engagement at AMC Santa Monica on November 11 and opens in New York at the AMC Village on December 2. Check out our video from the press conference below and then vote with your dollar at the closest theater.

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