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The Amy Winehouse Foundation launched on what would have been the late star’s 28th birthday by her father Mitch Winehouse. On the day of the launch, Mitch Winehouse left a press release that said, “Amy touched millions throughout the world, and I know she will continue to, through the foundation.”

Mr. Winehouse was proud to announce that the foundation will be making its first donation to a non-profit organization that helps to fulfill the wishes of children and young adults who are critically ill.

A cheque in the amount of £10,000 ($16,000 USD) was given to Hopes and Dreams Children’s Charity.

A tweet from Winehouse on Sunday night read, “Tonight Amy’s foundation gives its first donation. Hopes and Dreams will receive a cheque for £10,000. Hopes and Dreams are a charity that helps terminally ill kids and their families. Great people.” A follow-up tweet from the late singer’s father read, “Amy feels good knowing she has helped lots of kids tonight.”

Amy Winehouse’s legacy continues to live on through her music and the work of the foundation. Later this month the bluesy-jazz singer’s dress that appeared on the cover of her “Back to Black” album will go up for auction to benefit the foundation.

The short, white and red polka dotted dress with a corset-like bodice and a puff-ball skirt goes up for auction at Kerry Taylor Auctions on Nov. 29 with the proceeds benefitting the foundation which hopes to help children and young people in need.

According to Mitch Winehouse tweets, The Amy Winehouse Foundations next donation will be on Dec. 3 and will be in the amount of £10,000 ($16,000) to Chestnut Tree Kids Hospice.

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