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According to recent bit of news from Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, it looks like 2012 will be a banner year for the organization on Animal Planet.

As we’ve already reported, the network green-lit a “Whale Wars” spin-off and filmed the SSCS in action against whaling in the Faeroe Islands this summer. According to Watson, however, (as posted on the Planet Ocean Alliance boards) we can also expect to see two specials aired in 2012 on their efforts in the Mediterranean and the African country of Namibia. It also appears that the Lizard Trading Company, who films the action aboard the SSCS vessels, has substantially beefed up their crew. Watson’s reported full statement below:

“There will be an animal planet film crew on operation divine wind on all three ships. We will be looking at between ten and 12 episodes. There will also be a five episode series on whale wars – the faeroe islands. In addition there will be two sea shepherd episodes on the med tuna campaign and two episodes on the namibian fur seal campaign. In total we are looking at 19 or 21 weekly sea shepherd episodes for 2012. As the show enters its fifth season, whale wars remains the number one watched show on the animal planet network.”

That amount of exposure should bring joy to any Sea Shepherd fan – not to mention an unprecedented opportunity for the conservation org to spread some serious awareness on its many campaigns outside of the Southern Ocean.

As Animal Planet has yet to even announce a fifth season of “Whale Wars”, let alone premiere dates for any of the other specials, we’ll just have to hang tight for their PR machine to make it official. Should this all ring true, expect the Jolly Roger to rule a good chunk of AP programming in 2012!


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  • romika3

    ” filmed the SSCS in action against whaling in the Faeroe Islands this summer.” apparently there was no whales harvested when the SSCS was in the Faeroe Islands. If this is the case then what will the show be about??? Will it be a cut and past, lets make it up kind of show with the intent of painting the good people and fishermen of the Faeroe as the bunch of savages. Based on past experience I expect that is what it will be.

    • Nathan Mutch

      The fishermen of the Faeroe Islands are a bunch of savages. Just like the fishermen in Newfoundland & Quebec. I don’t even like to call them fishermen. I call them fisherpussies.

      • romika3

        The above post is a prime example of the kind of supporters that Paul Watson and the SSCS attracts to their organization. Shows like “Whale Wars” breed hate towards culture and fishermen while making the producers of Animal Planet rich and bringing in the money for the SSCS. Although some of his supporters may be potential conversationalists their knowledge is solely based directly on the the stilted web pages and videos of the SSCS and the sub organizations that they support.

      • Nathan Mutch

        I’m from the East Coast of Canada and I have hated those seal clubbing Frenchmen & Newfies long before I even knew who Paul Watson was.

      • romika3

        Folks: Get with it with your sealing fetish. The biomass of the the harp seal is approaching 10 million animals up from 2.5 in the 90s. The animal is not endangered, the harvest method of humane, the meat has no additives etc. The problem is that over 20 organizations including the SSCS depend on the seal hunt for funds. It is in their best interest to keep the myths alive. For example the white coat still appears on all web pages, etc yet has not been harvested since 1987. In one more year that will be a quarter of a century. Seals are now shot yet organizations make and effort to collect images that make people think they are being clubbed. Learn the truth from Watson at:


      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Rideough/516534860 Dave Rideough

        Oh yeah, because you’re so evolved, calling people savages and pussies for not submitting to your extremist ideology. Actually you might want to re-think your choice of words.

  • SquidNunc

    Wow, Lizard Trading Company? The guys that created Jockeys, a show that glorifies the enslavement and abuse of race horses. You’d this SSCS wouldn’t partner with these miscreants, but I guess a buck is a buck.

  • Scared monkey

    The Sea Shepherd volunteers are some of the bravest people on the planet, I wish them well. Safe voyage, thank you for helping put a stop to this barbaric practice.

    • ThatFOdude

      Brave? Yeah, they’re probably brave for following Watsons orders cause he puts them in dangerous situations, and that doesn’t make them very smart.

      Good example: Amateurs at work..


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Rideough/516534860 Dave Rideough

      Take away all the danger that’s just faked for the AP cameras, and they’re really not so brave. About all you have left is, like FOdude says, stupid danger they get themselves into because the organization’s management is incompetent.

  • zeonchar

    I have immense respect for what the SSCS does and all of its brave crew who volunteer time out of their lives towards protecting some of the planet’s most magnificent creatures. Good luck to you all this year!

  • boo radley

    Good work Animal Planet…show the animal slashing barbarians for what they are.

  • Barbie

    It is sad to see how all people just blindly believe in everything. wheres the logic? SSCS are a bunch of savages. just youtube them! see what they do around the world. they use lame ass excuses and people are stupid enough to actually believe them. Seriously! wake up and try putting one and one together for yourself and do some research before you just believe them. most of what they say are lies. I don’t support whale killing or w/e, but that does not give SSCS the right to ruin the lives of people just so they can swim in money! people do actually live from some of these stuff y’know? and if the ban it, then whats next? stop fishing? then many people would die! and after that? stop eating meat at all? then there wouldn’t be any vegetables for anyone. just please.. research and use your brain. you’d be surprised. :-)

  • poul

    It is spelled “Faroe island”!! not Faeroe island
    and those of you who dont like whaling, i hope youre vegan, if not, then youre pathetic.The meat in the super market used to be an animal.
    23 years ago the last murder was comitted here, yes 23 years ago! now it seems that we have a new murder case here, comitted by a “Serbian” guy.
    We have no army, no gangs, maybe 1 rape pr year (not every year) and a little bit of drugs, crime rate is EXTREME low…can you say the same about youre country???

  • romika3

    In this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U79yYGghnHw Paul Watson states two things: The Japanese are now continuing to harvest whales to save face (from that we can conclude that SSCS antics have done nothing) and that the 30 million dollars allocated to protect their fleet could be better put toward rebuilding (if Watson was absent then the money would be redirect). So it seems now that Mr. Watson isn’t interested in stopping hunt or doing something to redirect 30 million towards humanitarian needs. Ego and Television reality shows take priority!!! For those of you who are new here, the majority of the whales harvested by the Japanese are minke whale and they are not endangered!!!!!