You see that title up there? It’s because the coffee has yet to kick in. Enjoy.

But yes – a bit more information (albeit second-hand) has come to light regarding Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi, and Chrissie Hynde’s new all-veg eatery in Los Angeles. And, naturally, it involves Bill Clinton.

From Foodista:

“Bill loved cheeseburgers, fried chicken, and turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy. But now he eats much healthier,” a source explained. “He eats more fruits and vegetables, and he loves soups so much that he makes his own cream of asparagus. Ellen sees Bill as the poster boy for veganism, so she’s asked for his input on the restaurant’s menu.”

Methinks such a conversation (if it went down at all) likely happened during Ellen and Portia’s attendance at last month’s concert benefit celebrating the Clinton Foundation’s “Decade of Difference”. This was the same one catered in part by The Veggie Grill, which provided all of the delicious vegan grub behind the scenes. Oh – and speaking of TVG – did anyone else know that Ellen and Portia are investors in the So. Cal vegan chain? Thanks to a new article on veganism and celebrities from the AP, I do now. Oh – and as an awesome bonus, one of our former superstar writers Daelyn Fortney (of ThisDishIsVeg.com) is also quoted! W00t!

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  • http://herwinsvegancafe.blogspot.com/ herwin

    “naturally” Bill Clinton is involved, who couldnt have seen that one coming from a mile away. ;-P

    Great to read, thanks for the update. :-)

    on a serious note, would like to see that people woulds say something like “i used to eat burgers and chicken nuggets, i became vegan and now i eat much more DELICIOUS !”
    Instead of “more healthy” because, lets face it, ordinary people dont give a crapola about healthy food, they just “want to dig in”.

    • http://www.twitter.com/cafeauxcookies cafeauxcookies

      I agree — the whole idea that being vegetarian or vegan is a sacrifice has to be gotten rid of. Even I fall into the trap of saying things like “regular food” which should be called “unhealthy food” or “processed food.” Language is powerful, let’s use it!