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Jamie Oliver went on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ last week to pitch his new cookbook and to try to get Americans revved up over the horror that is school food.

A recent widely publicized controversy in the school food world happened last week when Congress was calling pizza a vegetable. When asked why or how that could be, Jamie responded, “I’ll tell you exactly why. It’s because the food companies of America own you.” He went on to say about the food industry, “They’re more powerful than government. They’ve got better lawyers, more money, deeper pockets and really they know that you’re all really busy worrying about a million other things.”

The British chef goes on to talk about the child nutrition bill and how it seems that the public, nutritionists, and the government had the least bit of pull when it came to deciding what children should be eating. He said, “In two weeks, these moron frozen food companies, pizza industry, french fry industry, basically bought, bribed, bullied congress, who completely let everyone down, to basically make it okay to feed them french fries everyday.”

Oliver isn’t new to trying to improve the health of school foods in the USA. His reality show ‘Food Revolution’ shows firsthand how youth in this country are suffering from food related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes.

Oliver then asked all the viewers to take action. He said, “I think America, your viewers, should tell congress, we should shout out and tell them how they’ve let us down.” The chef asked everyone to call their congressman or congresswoman. He wants their lines to be flooded with people who care about child nutrition.

Check out the video below and see what Jamie has to say.

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  • edfwild

    It is not just food companies that own us. Add to that energy, chemical and banks as examples. Each group is bigger than our goverment and have a much louder voice via the media which they also own! It truly has become a corporate dictatorship!

  • http://herwinsvegancafe.blogspot.com/ herwin

    pizza officially counting as “vegetable”, peaceful sitting students (and 84 year old ladies) getting peppersprayed in the face, veterans getting smacked by the police. If it happened in Myanmar or any arab country, we would be laughing and ridiculing them for being so corrupt and so stupid.