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Photo: Cpl. Johnny Merkley

This past weekend, actress Mila Kunis kept her promise and attended the Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, N.C. with Sgt. Scott Moore, who invited the leading lady via YouTube.

Earlier last week, the ‘Friends with Benefits’ star told E! News Marc Malkin, “It’s a huge honor just to be invited, it is.” She also said she looked forward to “talking to people and hearing their stories . . . Being a part of something that truly I know nothing about but I’m incredibly eager to learn.”

The two seemed to have a magical evening that lived up to Moore’s expectations, who recently just came home from a seven-month tour in Afghanistan.

When it came to discussing their evening Kunis, 28, stepped aside and let Moore shine in the spotlight. In an interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, Moore said, “It was a blast, it was a great time. So yes, it exceeded my expectations.”

So, why did Moore choose Kunis over all the other actresses in Hollywood? “We actually talked about this. I’ve seen a couple of her movies and she’s obviously a pretty girl so…I thought she’d be fun so I picked her,” he said and called her “just a normal girl.”

The marine also spoke with ‘The Today Show’ and revealed Kunis is “very cool” and “down-to-earth.” They spent all evening hanging with his friends and dancing the night away.

Moore told Al Roker he had nothing to lose by asking Kunis to the ball. “I can’t say I thought they were very high, but I obviously thought there was a chance so that’s why I put it on.”

This seems to be the month for stars to make dreams come true for those that serve our country. Justin Timberlake and Kristin Cavallari both attended Marine Corps Ball’s after being asked through the Internet.

After the ball ended, Kunis and Moore said their goodbyes, but promised to keep in touch.

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