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Photo: Rocco Laspata/Blackglama

A former Janet Jackson mega-fan is not too happy with the singer anymore. Her decision to design and launch a fashion line filled with animal fur clothing has led him to auction off all of his Janet memorabilia.

According to the Toronto Sun, Sean Oltersdorf from Michigan will auction all of the items he has collected and donate the proceeds. Oltersdorf said, “I am a long-time Janet Jackson fan – or I should say I used to be. I am disgusted and have decided I want to auction off my entire 25 years-plus of Janet items and donate the proceeds to PETA. I have three rescued chinchillas and find Janet’s decision reprehensible.” His collection includes posters and photos, magazines, vinyl and other items and will be on Ebay.com.

Jackson partnered with fur company Blackglama for the new mink fur line, which will feature 15 items including coats and gloves. This isn’t the first time Miss Jackson has been criticized for her love of fur. Last year, long-time animal advocate Pamela Anderson responded to the singer’s Blackglama fur ads, saying “It’s disappointing. She has spoken out against fur before. I don’t know why some people stop listening to their heart. I guess some people get greedy, but it’s sad.”

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  • http://herwinsvegancafe.blogspot.com/ herwin

    stupidity has a face…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Rideough/516534860 Dave Rideough

      Not that I’ve seen – just a name. Oh well, let him do what he wants. I’m sure he’ll make some other Janet fans happy.

      • don_miguelo

        As you well know, herwin meant JANET was stupid, but you just couldn’t resist being a snarky troll (as usual). But since you said what you did: He’s stupid because he’s making money or because he’s taking a principled stand?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Catherine-Case/1620756015 Catherine Case

    Receiving compensation for whatever talent has made one a celebrity is one thing but those who, once having achieved celebrity, provide their endorsement or partner with a company involved in cruelty are particularly offensive to society. I am sure that Janet is quite aware she has the type of fans who will want her product in order to be like her and that this will result in abuse and torture of animals. It never fails to shock me that in this day and age when the cruel reality of society’s animal product businesses are as easy to witness as a search on YouTube, that some celebrities make critical decisions as if they are clueless.

  • Steph

    people act like Janet is the only celebrity on the planet to do this. If her last name wasn’t Jackson people wouldn’t be making this a huge deal. Do I agree with her decision to do this? no I don’t but I still love her and will always support her. The person who is auctioning all of their stuff is crazy and clearly wasn’t that big of a fan in the first place. You don’t have to agree with everything your favorite celebrity does but to turn your back on them after being a fan for 25 years is disappointing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Beth-Brant/100000076698124 Beth Brant

      Sorry, Steph, you have your ethics a little mixed up! If Janet Murdered someone, would you still “love her”? Well, she is committing murder! The Jacksons are probably the greediest family on earth. Their principle money-maker is dead, but don’t worry, Janet will pick up the slack. And don’t forget that Michael kept exotic, endangered animals on his property.Obviously, none of them care about the welfare of any animal.

      • http://herwinsvegancafe.blogspot.com/ herwin

        @Brent. Jante is a fur hag but dont lets get Michael Jackson into this topic in a bad way.

        Yes, he did keep exotic animals, like Bubbles the chimp. But Bubbles was taken from a research institute and so Bubbles was actually a rescued chimp. I dont know about the other animals, if he did buy them (=bad) or if these animals were rescued animals.
        Might very well be the case.

        Even Peta admits that Michael Jacksons intention of keeping these animals were good.

        LBNL Michael is a vegetarian, so obviously he cares for animals and the planet.

  • Sarah Crowley

    What a moron… fur in this day and age? I have a keen eye, and can't tell real fur from faux. Faux fur, with her brand name attached would have been equally as sort after.