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Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption Now Legal Thanks to President Obama

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If you’re ready to add horse to your eating habits, then you’re in luck thanks to President Obama who has legalized horse slaughter for human consumption, Technorati has reported.

Once again, restrictions on horse slaughter plants and horse meat processing have been lifted in the United States.

The House of Representatives and the United States Senate approved the Conference Committee report on spending bill H2112, which funds the United States Department of Agriculture, on November 18. Before the Thanksgiving holiday, President Obama signed this law allowing Americans to kill and eat horses.

This “little” old law makes Mr. Obama’s pardoning of two turkeys seem laughable. The turkey story was reported on every media station possible, while the approval of horse killings seemed to be swept under the rug.

Previously, the slaughtering of horses was prohibited in the United States, because the finances needed for inspections of horses in transit and at slaughter houses wasn’t there. This all meant horse meat could not be sold for eating.

The House and the Senate maintained two different versions of the bill, with the House retaining the de-funding language, while the Senate’s did not. Even more so, the conference committee in charge of unifying the two versions decided not to and now look at the result.

According to Wyoming state representative Sue Wallis, and her pro-slaughter group, anywhere between 120,000 and 200,000 horses will be killed for consumption per year. In addition, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Georgia and Missouri are all opting to open slaughter plants!

Even though 70 percent of Americans oppose horse slaughter, President Obama signed this bill. He even made a campaign promise to permanently ban horse slaughter and the export of horses for human consumption.

Now it is the taxpayers’ duty to aid in this animal cruelty. What do you think of President Obama approving this new law?

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  • Horseriderusa

    Another liar in office. He doesn’t care about people or animals…just big business and keeping his so-called job.

    • accorn55

      oh please… do a little reading here would you… or don’t you care about the facts — just Obama bashing.

  • EqualityForALL

    If you do a little looking, there’s another element at play here. The consumption of horse flesh was made illegal in Europe with the elimination of traditional Pagan cultures. They used horse meat in their Freyfaxi celebration. I’m not for seeing horseburgers on the rack in every grocery store, but this is (perhaps inadvertently) also providing freedom for people trying to reconstruct those old practices.

  • Annette

    Just like a president to say one thing and do the other. He is not the only one guilty here, look at your senators. I know we need to create jobs, but not at the expense of killing these horses.

  • Cindyresavy

    I’m glad I read these posts. I was blaming President Obama but if I read the intelligent postings, i can now understand that it was someone who slipped this little gem into the bigger Bill. The President probably didn’t have much of a choice to sign the bill as it was which is sad. I HATE the way this is done. Doesn’t make any sense. I own an adopted horse that I saved from slaughter. He is smart and wonderful. Some of the blame of too many horses should be put on the greedy horse breeders who just want to make a buck. I see it where I board my horse. Horses can’t find homes but they keep on breeding. Hate THOSE people if you need to hate someone.

    • Kenyansblamek

      No hate the puppet who does what whatever when his strings are pulled. It was his signature, he is to blame.

    • Sidesaddledot

      horses are livestock if you want a pet fine If you want a beast of burden fine if you want to have them for livestock fine same as pigs cows chickens hogs my best pet when i was a child was a pet pig I loved that pig he was so smart I trained him to do all kinds of things played with him everyday So what should we do stop the hog market ? because I had a pet pig Ann

  • Accorn55

    I am not happy with Obama, but I’m REALLY miffed at the Senators and Reps who wrote and attached the amendment to the budget, essentially forcing Obama to sign it, otherwise the government would have to shut down. That is what they do… put something nasty like this in a budget … something that will make the president eat his words or look bad… but that he has to sign as the lessor of the two evils. Why is no one calling out the men (women?) who put this in the bill?? They are the ones who should be held culpable… and if I can find out who they are, I will make sure the world knows as well. anyone know how to find out?

  • Arieybby

    This is complete fuxking bullshit this is exactly why Obama should have Never been electid. He is pathetic I mean he’s going to sighn off the lives of hundreds and thousands of horses to make a buck ! That is Cruelty & should NOT under any circumstances be LEGAL ! He should be locked up for this !!!! I am Exteremly Against this ! ! ! I’m SOO Disgusted !

    • veeman94

      Please learn to spell before making comments.No one will take you serious if you don’t at least put forth an effort..Now go do your lessons before getting back on the computer! Go on now..Git!

  • Game

    Lol, people love humanizing animals! PETA & The HSUS have y’all brain washed!

    • Shidesigns

      It is NOT a matter of humanizing horses! It is about compassion for a pet. If you don’t mind eating your cat or dog, hamster, whatever animal you may feel attachment for, then go for it. When a horse lover buys a horse, it’s because they have the emotional and physical need for the bond and mutual respect for the animal. When it comes to ‘humane slaughter’, that is a complete LIE. No, we don’t want horses suffering and starving, and we don’t want horses to be subjected to the horrors of a slaughter house and the horrific death they face. Humanize?? No. Compassion?? Yes! Obama promised and committed himself to NOT letting this happen, yet again he has proven he is a liar, a typical politician, and can not be trusted. Lets hope he is a one term president.

  • krbatte

    It’s so easy to blame the president…people should take time to read up on a subject before they throw false blame…Everyone needs to stop blowing this out of proportion…read before you open your mouth!

  • Allison Kerpash

    I personally thing its funny the things people get upset over. Millions of people die from starvation every year, but you’re not setting up rescue groups for them. Currently, the US is the only country that doesn’t eat horse meat. Get over it.

    • Blahblah

      Just because people are rapped and children abused doesn’t mean we should just get over that too. If you don’t stand up for things you believe in what’s the point? Oh and there are rescue groups for starving people. Rescue missions, food banks, I could go on….

  • veeman94

    It’s about time..Just look at all the horses just left to rot when they could have been used to feed the homeless and those on govt. aid.Not to mention a fair market for selling it to ordinary folks,especially if it is less expensive than beef.

  • Camilly

    Something is seriously wrong with the President! It is so obvious that he has contempt for the American people by trying to ‘turn over’ everything that the majority wants. I am sick of him, sick of the outrageous contempt he has for the majority of America, and just plain over him!

  • Ispeakinc

    Not only has Obama permitted eating horses, he also wants to remove USDA chicken meat inspectors, stating the industry is responsible for regulating themselves without government supervision. Is Obama going to completely remove overseeing banks and oil company operations next? Seems he is head that way.

    • Wyatt

      But, for some fucking reason, he thinks the insurance business cannot regulate and function by itself.

  • Imawesome

    I am 100% against horse slaughter.
    To those of you who are saying that horse slaughter should be legal because there are horses that are sick and mistreated, yes, true, but there wouldn’t be any problem if horse owners actually did their fucking job on looking after these creatures, would there?

    There is a horse slaughterhouse just down from the road. Once I actually STOLEN a horse out of there. Ha ha. It was so funny. Saved it anyway. Good condition. Horse slaughter supporters, go fuck yourself.

  • Reelcheeper

    We Americans always let our emotions get in the way of practicality. “Horses are beautiful, loving, intelligent animals!” Well, yes, they can be. But Hindus think cows are sacred, and they still eat them because THEY ARE A SOURCE OF FOOD. I’m sure some Asians love cats and dogs as pets, but they also eat them because, once again, THEY ARE A SOURCE OF FOOD. Our culture is way too picky about the kind of meat we eat, mostly because we have more emotions than hunger. Sure, horses are subject to cruelty when they’re slaughtered, but so is every other animal we eat. It’s just the price you have to pay if you want meat. And I would be glad to see slaughterhouses for cats and dogs, too. We may love certain animals as pets, but if we’re gonna have 10 billion people on the planet, it’s time to put our feelings aside and start looking for more ways to feed the population.

    • Wyatt

      It is actually frowned upon to eat a cow as a Hindu, although a few do. For some reason, although not in ancient India, cows were considered the reincarnations of Godesses, and you should not eat beef. But, here we go again with the Asians and cats stereotype. Most Asians think that eating a dog or cat are disgusting. Plus, the chemicals horses are given could kill a human, and may never discharge from its system in its whole life. If horses being largely not taken care of properly is a problem, euthanizing a horse is a good option. If there is already that simple alternative out there, who would give their horse over to a slaughterhouse? Truly disgusting and terrible conditions to live your last days. If you think it’s a good alternative for food, you must be retarded.

  • ldg

    Reelcheeper, you posted the same drivel on another site recently. And humans are a source of food, too so why not eat them as well?

  • Dmitry of New Zealand

    I love what Reelcheeper said, apart from her not knowing that cow slaughter is mostly illegal in India apart from some states. Our emotions always get in the way of practicality. Ship unwanted dogs and cats to a slaughterhouse and put them on a plate, instead of euthanizing them, or what the hell start breeding them for food. Get our Asian friends supply us some recipes instead of their techno junk. A cookbook “Passionate About Cooking: Puppies and Kittens”. A dish of sauteed beegle on the menu of your favorite restaurant, complete with picture of his droopy eyes. Once the emotions are really shoved hard out of the way, we could take a dispassionate look at those in the society who are actually a burden to us: wouldn’t it be better to use of them as A SOURCE OF FOOD? Our culture is just to picky. Dig ethnographers accounts from the19 century about cannibals and I bet they never complained about it not being tasty.

  • smartysgal

    I hate Obama with a passion. Even more so (if that’s even possible) with his legalization of horse slaughter! I am so outraged I can’t even see to type this! This idiot has GOT to be stopped before he puts all seniors up for human consumption! He’ll probably think we are worthless to his holy crown and be kind and euthanize us so he doesn’t have to pay us Social Security and what other minor little tidbits we enjoy in our “old age.” GET OUT AND VOTE THIS QUACK OUT OF OFFICE, PLEASE! He is heading us toward Socialism, can’t everybody see that???

  • Mallory

    To those of you who are saying that “anyone truly involved with horses, any trainers, breeders, riders and owners” would agree that slaughter plants need to be opened, you should think again. I’ve been around horses for years and am a proud horse owner, and I couldn’t be more against it. I agree completely that the rate of abuse, population and mistreatment in equines is far too high and that the equine economy is not doing well, but how will this truly fix it? Horse slaughter plants wouldn’t be capable of opening enough jobs to make a large difference to America and the jobs would be minimum wage at best. And how could this honestly change how horses are being mistreated NOW? You can take as many skinny horses, unwanted horses, auction horses and OTTB’s to those plants as you want, but they cannot be cleared for human consumption. Horse owners, ever read the label on your vaccines, wormers, ointments and medications saying they can’t be used on an animal intended for consumption? Many of these medications have no withdrawal rate from the animal’s body. If a horse isn’t raised to be eaten, according to the FDA, it cannot be safely consumed by humans. So are we going to kill all the horses between the ages of two and thirty and just let them rot? Is that the solution? Slaughter plants will do nothing but suck money out of the economy due to the high price of ensuring a humane and painless death for the animals, and I hope nobody is under the illusion that every plant will be safe and follow guidelines. Yes, many horses today are suffering, but in the long run, these plants will not do to make them suffer less.

  • Allyson, I’ve been trying hard to get up with you. I agree wholeheartedly that this bill puts both the backyard pet the family can no longer afford and our mustangs at peril. I am doing an anthology on an international level to help save our wild horses. I’m giving 100% of my royalties to Wild Horse Foundation. I want to quote 2 paragraphs in this article in my dedication. Real horse people ARE outraged. Since this law passed, all you defenders of Obama, slaughter houses have opened in this country. Congress and Obama were sneaky, doing it around Thanksgiving. The national news didn’t even mention it. It took reading about it in a foreign news to discover this travesty! I don’t care if you worship the ground Obama walks on, you’ve sold your soul as a horse person to give him a bye on this. Allyson, please e-mail me at mobiledeelight@gmail.com to learn more about my project.

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