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Even with “Frozen Planet” being Sir David Attenborough’s last big-feature narration, Discovery still feels compelled to replace the venerable naturalist with the voice of an American celebrity.

Granted, it’s a good one – a very good one. Alec Baldwin, the same guy who did a fantastic job with NatGeo’s epic mini-series “Great Migrations”, has been tapped for the job. There are far worse choices (Oprah proving she was one of them with “LIFE”), but I would have still liked to have seen the 85-year-old Attenborough not replaced for once. Alas.

“Frozen Planet”, which broke ratings records when it premiered in the UK this past October, is sure to follow in the footsteps of its eyeball-dazzling predecessors (“Planet Earth”, “LIFE”, “Human Planet”) when it debuts in March. You can check out the gorgeous trailer for the series below.

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  • herwin

    The guys is a living legend. Without him there wouldnt be nature docs the way we know it. He is a naturalist, with decades of jungle experience, an environmentalist, the way he tells and explains makes anyone with a soul understand AND respect this planet.
    So now these ignorant busines men have replaced SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH by a fluffy hollywood celeb.
    These ignoramus greedy people dont have a clue, all they care is money. A BBC doc without David narrating it, isnt the same.

  • Richard

    So, they’re going to replace a man who has real passion for the subject, with a mercenary who can act as though he does.

    • Deby

      So in agreement….WHY replace when this was his LAST show???? Is THAT the way you THANK someone who MADE your program the MOST INTERESTING ONE EVER??? As for that worthless Baldwin….DIDN’T he PROMISE TO MOVE OUT OF THE US IF BUSH GOT RE-ELECTED??? Funny how THAT became the USUAL LIE OF THE DEMS!!! He is THE MOST UNTALENTED choice EVER!!!! Guess I will find OTHER nature programs to watch, because you have chosen to degrade YOURS with HIM.

  • Paul D

    The last episode is next week here in the UK.

  • deucleciano

    Sir David`s closing message at the end of the series was about climate change and it`s far reaching impact on our planet. I wonder if Alec Baldwin will be allowed to mention this unpopular topic in a land full of deniers.

  • Kpnut161

    Absolute disgrace ! Have Americans stopped talking ENGLISH? or is the commentary not jingoistic enough for our american cousins.?
    Sir David is the greatest and longest serving environmentalist on the planet . It was he who brought Nature to the medium of television and the attention of people all over the world
    Shame on Discovery if thats how you respect greatness..