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WATCH: Michael Douglas Calls for Permanent Global Ban of Nuclear Weapons

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Michael Douglas has long been in support of nuclear disarmament. Now, the actor has joined the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO)  for a series of commercials calling for an international permanent ban on nuclear weapons.

According to Look to the Stars
, the actor says “The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty is a guiding light on the road to a nuclear weapons free world. Once in force it will help prevent the kind of nuclear arms race we experienced in the past and will make it much more difficult to continue to build up nuclear arsenals.”

Douglas said that his opposition to nuclear arms is a result of his childhood experience during the arms race of the Cold War. “I grew up in the United States at a time when nuclear weapons testing was commonplace. We used to have air raid drills at school and my father had a bomb shelter built in his yard in California. As a child, it was difficult to grasp the meaning of what was happening. It had a nightmare, monster-like quality which always haunted me. Later, as I began to understand the ramifications of nuclear weapons testing, my commitment to nuclear disarmament grew.”

Thousands of nuclear bombs have been tested around the world since World War II, leaving behind severe consequences for humans, animals and the earth. The CTBTO works toward a treaty that would ban “nuclear explosions by everyone, everywhere: on the Earth’s surface, in the atmosphere, underwater and underground,” according to their website. The treaty has support from over 180 countries but will not be in place until nine remaining nuclear countries sign: the United States, China, Egypt, Pakistan, North Korea, Indonesia, India, Iran and Israel. Indonesia has agreed to ratify the treaty soon. Douglas said, “The world has waited long enough for the Treaty to become global law. So today, as an actor and a United Nations Messenger of Peace, I’m using my voice and my name to raise awareness and support for this crucial treaty. I’m calling on the nine countries that still need to ratify the Treaty to do so without further delay, so that we can bring it into force and remove the threat of these terrible weapons once and for all.”

Watch Michael Douglas’ powerful commercial with the CTBTO below.

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  • Funinsnow

    With nuclear weapons, I know why people oppose them, but I’d rather have them & not need them than need them & not have them. While my view with Hiroshima & Nagasaki always has & always will be that the atom bombs should’ve been dropped elsewhere in Japan with fewer civilian deaths, it did end the war. If both Germany & Japan had had the atom bombs, they’d have used them against us. Yes, the children killed in Hiroshima & Nagasaki are innocent victims.

    I support nuclear powerplants & nuclear is better than coal. What they must perfect is Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor. The waste from Thorium is too weak to be used for nuclear weapons. Nuclear is better than coal. Windmills & solar aren’t so green as people think-they use more land & give less energy & windmills can kill birds & cause barotrauma. We need more prudence with windmills & solar. We must use Geothermal, hydroelectric dams & nuclear powerplants for energy.

    I don’t expect nuclear weapons topic to go away. The technology is available & once people have nuclear weapons as the U.S. has, we don’t like to give it up because we want to be stronger than our enemies. We don’t want others to get them but nuclear weapons whether people agree or not aren’t going away as again, the techology is there to make them.

  • To be pro-nuclear and pro-animal rights, is like owning a rat poison factory and keeping rats as household pets!

  • michael leonardi

    @ Remy, i’d say dive bombed by one of those puny brained, utterly misinformed pro-nuke narcissists. Let them eat plutonium!!! Anyone that would oppose a global ban of nuclear weapons is not worth even a tenth of their weight to humanity.

  • andrea lieberman

    funinthesnow must have frozenbrain. who thinks like that?

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