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Photo: screenshot of CNN video of Obama at George Washington University for World AIDS Day.

President Obama pledged “the beginning of the end of AIDS” at George Washington University during an event commemorating, honoring, and celebrating all the United States and the global health community have done in the fight against AIDS. The Presidents speech marked the start of World AIDS Day 2011. He was joined by former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush via Satellite, Bono from U2, Alicia Keyes, and Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent.

Obama called for renewed action to treat the virus and to stop it from spreading. “We are winning this fight. But the fight is not over, not by a long shot,” he said during his speech, “We just have to keep at it, steady, persistent, today, tomorrow, and every day until we get to zero.”

HIV/AIDS is a global epidemic. It has been estimated that 34 million people were diagnosed as being HIV-positive in 2010. 1.2 million of those diagnosed were in the United States.

According to the latest U.N. Report, 22.9 million people in Sub-Sahara Africa are living with HIV and nearly half of the 4.8 million Asians in India are living with the virus. While the numbers are decreasing globally through education and prevention projects, the number in the U.S. has been holding steady.

President Obama noted that, “there are communities in this country being devastated by this disease. When new infections among young, black, gay men increase by nearly 50 percent in three years, we need to do more to show them that their lives matter.”

During the World AIDS Day event at George Washington University, Obama urged congress to “keep working together” and praised former President George W. Bush for his leadership in the international fight against AIDS. He thanked Bush for his, “bold leadership on this issue,” calling Bush’s actions in the fight on AIDS one of his “greatest legacies.”

The Obama administration has pledged $50 million in new money to help in the fight against AIDS. $15 million will go to the Ryan White Program, which funds clinics, and $35 million will go to state AIDS Drug Assistance Programs. The administration has also laid out new goals and targets that they want to meet by 2013 — help six million people get treatment and provide more than 1.5 million anti-viral drugs to HIV-positive women to prevent the transfer of the virus to their unborn babies.

“We can beat this disease,” Obama remarked. He added, “At a time when so much in Washington divides us, the fight against this disease has united us across parties and across presidents and it shows that we can do big things when Republicans and Democrats put their common humanity before politics. So we need to carry that spirit forward.”

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    Again, this topic is unrelated to green topics. Incidentally, I’m an environmentalist who supports nuclear power. In the times I’ve commented on ecorazzi, Ecorazzi goes into topics which are unrelated & unsure why ecorazzi can’t take a neutral view. But with AIDS, I have no sympathy for drug junkies & homosexuals who get AIDS from risky activities. Homosexual AIDS victims have their own selves to blame-they had risky sex, didn’t use condoms & got sick from it. Now predictably people will talk of how straights get AIDS-but I don’t hold vigils for straight men who got a deadly VD from doing many women & not using condoms. I do have something to say on possible contradiction by Ecorazzi. My guess is that Ecorazzi favors abolishing experiments on animals for medical purposes & I have no problem if they abolish lab experiments on animals. But AIDS research sometimes involves using animals. AIDS is the politically correct disease where we’re supposed to feel sorry for promiscuous homoseuxals that Ecorazzi looks the other way when experiments done on animals in lab tests?

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    BTW Herwin, want to bring down AIDS-find a cure for homosexuality:) & don’t tell me about how lesbians are safe, because lesbians while lower AIDS rates have higher VD, anti-social conduct, depression, etc. A 2011 study found that homos&lesbians have twice the cancer rates. I also support abortion if it’s predicted an unborn baby will turn out gay & lesbian. Bringing down & eliminating homosexual & lesbian activities is a good thing. Sex is supposed to be between a man & woman only-normal penis vaginal sex. They must also get rid of sodomy (straight or homo) & most straights don’t engage in sodomy. Sex is supposed to be mainly a woman pleasuring a man with little vice versa. Homo&lesbian activites are bad, sex changes are worse.