by Ali Berman
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Perhaps Kermit should change the lyrics of his favorite tune to, “It’s getting easier to be green…” It certainly was on the set of the new Muppets movie where they had an eco advocate ensuring that the earth didn’t end up on the cutting room floor.

Yazmin Watkins, the environmental steward for the film, was responsible for greening all aspects of the production. And when you’ve got a 40 million dollar budget film, that’s a whole lot of responsibility.

The Mother Nature Network reported that she had her hands in everything from catering (using organic ingredients) to transporting compost. She also met with all the departments (like wardrobe, locations, etc.) to discuss how they could make eco friendly choices. Watkins is so devoted, she even filled up reusable water bottles for the puppeteers so no one accidentally grabbed a quick disposable option.

Happily, when it comes to Disney productions, ‘The Muppets’ isn’t unique in their efforts to reduce waste. Since 2009 Disney has had an environmental steward on the set of each film.

Not everything on set was as easy to green. Sure, you can buy compostable knives and forks, but what about the hard to recycle color gels? Watkins suggested they be donated to local schools to use for projects. The extra food? That was donated to the Midnight Mission in LA to feed the homeless.

‘The Muppets’ is a feel good source of entertainment, but doesn’t it make it so much better knowing that the planet was treated like a VIP on set? All it took was a little creativity and planning.

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