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While on a trip to the Philippines to play the national team in an exhibition match, David Beckham took some time out of his schedule to meet with kids at a children’s shelter outside of Manila.

The UNICEF supported shelter helps kids who have been rescued from the street. They all took turns talking to the soccer star and sharing their difficult life stories as well as their dreams for the future. Beckham, a father of four, took great joy in meeting the children, and even getting on the field with them for a quick match.

The soccer star told the Associated Press about his visit, “What struck me the most about coming into the center was it was a real happy place, a real inspiring place. They are teaching kids unbelievable values. Every child I spoke to today – they all have dreams, they all have inspirations.”

He went on to say about his ability to bring attention to important issues, “I think it is important to raise awareness to many issues around the world, many worries around the world. In my position, thankfully, I can create that kind of interest and awareness to things that are happening around the world.”

For any soccer fan, meeting a world cup veteran and one of the most recognizable players in the sport certainly has to be a highlight. But Beckham wasn’t the only soccer champ in the shelter. A 17 year old boy named Conan who had been abandoned by his parents ten years earlier played in the Street Children’s World Cup against South Africa and won. He dreams of playing for the Philippine team and becoming a coach.

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