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Mark Ruffalo and Friends Supply Emergency Water to PA Fracking Victims

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Mark Ruffalo and a host of other celebrities are about to help some Pennsylvania fracking victims get clean water again. Dimock, PA residents have been without clean drinking water since 2008 when the gas drilling method known as fracking contaminated the water with chemicals, flammable gas and radioactive materials. Sounds yummy, right?

The disaster was caused by Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation, a group that was found to be at fault for the contamination. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Conservation ordered the gas company to supply weekly deliveries of drinking water to the 11 families in Dimock who had their water contaminated.

Cabot wasn’t happy with the deal and struck a new deal with the PA DEP which allowed Cabot to stop clean water deliveries to the Dimock families as of Nov. 30th.

If the citizens of Dimock were to drink the contaminated water, they would face all sorts of hazards including skins sores, headaches, nausea and potentially more. No one is sure what the long term health effects of it will be.

Mark Ruffalo, actor and founder of Water Defense, and Gasland Director Josh Fox will join elected officials and advocates in delivering clean drinking water from New York State to the eleven Dimock families no longer receiving clean water supplies from the corporation who took their clean water away.

The group of celebrities will be bringing the water on Dec. 6th after meeting on the steps of City Hall at 9:30am. The bus will leave NYC at 10:30am to bring the clean water to Dimock residents and return back to the steps of City Hall at 2:30pm.

Dimock, PA residents run more risks than just drinking the contaminated water. Just running the contaminated water also poses a hazard since it is radioactive and highly flammable. According to ProPublica, several Pennsylvania residents have had to deal with the ill effects of fracking besides being unable to drink the water from their wells. Several families have had their homes explode after gas seeped into basements and water supplies. In 2004, one of those cases killed three people, including a baby.

Duke University did a study and tested 68 drinking water wells in the Marcellus and Utica shale drilling areas in North East PA and in Southern NY State. Most of the wells had methane, but the samples closest to the gas wells had on average 17 times the levels detected in wells farther away from active drilling.

Fracking has caused quite a bit of controversy in Pennsylvania. The fact that celebrities like Mark Ruffalo have to come to the rescue to provide clean drinking water to Dimock residents doesn’t bode well for the state. It shows that fracking in PA is going to take precedence over the health and safety of state residents.

Hopefully, celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, Josh Fox, and Craig & Julie Sautner, along with organizations like Water Defense, Frack Action, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, United for Action, Catskill Mountainkeeper, and DelawareRiverkeeper Network can make a difference in the fight against fracking by shining a light on the Dimock victims while providing them clean drinking water.

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  • Topdriver64

    I think you people should go back to ridin horses, get rid of your ipods/ipads/iphones, and anything else that doesnt use natural gas/oil for feed stock…then lets see how much your against drilling….also….did you walk to the protests or drive your car?

  • Topdriver64

    why do you have ads for ‘oil drilling jobs’ on your website…pretty hipocritical isn’t it!….basically a bunch of h’hollywood’ losers that know nothing about the real world…btw…where does all the feedstock for the plastics in your movie equipment come from?

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