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Photo: Taste of Eden

Michael and Sonya Tardif pride themselves on cooking delicious vegan food. But just satisfying and wowing your taste buds isn’t enough. They know the power of food, and design their menu to help cure disease. At their restaurant Taste of Eden in Norway, Maine you’ll find wholesome vegan foods that might just change your life.

I spoke to Sonya and asked her if she could share a story about someone who got healthy off of the Taste of Eden menu. She told me about a man named Bill.

Sonya wrote, “A couple years ago we met a man named Bill, when he came into our place looking for dessert. Bill, around sixty, was walking with a cane, all hunched over, and was carrying quite a few extra pounds. My husband Michael asked Bill why such a young gentleman would need a cane. Bill shared a brief medical history. He’d had a heart attack, had diabetes, and had rheumatoid so severe that his doctor predicted he would need a wheelchair in two years. And Bill was on a ton of serious medications.”

She continued, “Michael suggested he try the vegan diet and exclude nightshade vegetables and see if it would do anything for him. To our surprise, Bill took the challenge seriously. He went vegan over night. He became a regular, and we set him up with recipes to cook at home. Within six months Bill was off all medications, standing straight and tall, and a hundred pounds lighter. He had no more diabetes or heart disease. After a year his rheumatoid factor was zero. Today Bill is a personal fitness trainer. He is one of many who have made a complete u-turn in life when coming through the door of our cafe.”

Diet has the power to turn many health conditions around. Just ask vegan Bill Clinton, or the two fellows in the film ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.’

Taste of Eden offers something called the 10 Day Daniel Plan, named after the Book of Daniel in the bible. For ten whole days, the restaurant will basically cater your life and give you the tools you need to move forward. They say on the website, “You will receive recipes and education on healthy lifestyle choices. This will include information on the eight remedies that restore and maintain health. Your part will be to come to supper each evening, take home your meals for the next day, and start to incorporate the things you learn into your habits.”

Plus, their menu looks delicious. Personally, I’m dying to try their Monday special, Chickpea Alfredo made with chickpeas, green peas, celery, and carrots in a creamy cashew sauce with brown rice pasta, served with salad and bread. Super yum.

Many people have recovered from major illnesses with a healthful vegan diet. But millions more suffer from preventable and treatable ailments. It’s wonderful to know that Taste of Eden is offering their knowledge and considerable culinary skills to get people back on track.

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  • http://herwinsvegancafe.blogspot.com/ herwin

    interesting post.
    and its so true..>_< most ilnesses are because of peoples eating habits, and most of these ilneses are reversable.
    people i know who have gone veg were cured from astma, severe allergies that needed medication, bad skin condition, etc, within one year.