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Photo: International Rescue Committee

Actress Rashida Jones will be giving gifts that can save lives this year.

According to Look to the Stars, Jones has teamed up with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to encourage gift-givers to buy ‘Rescue Gifts’ instead of the usual holiday presents. Jones wrote on IRC’s blog, “This holiday season I’m buying Rescue Gifts for my friends because I can’t think of a better gift than one that saves lives.” The organization’s list of gifts has many options, including emergency food, a year of school for a child, training for healthcare workers and many more.

Jones is giving two Rescue Gifts. She wrote, “When I visited an IRC refugee camp in Tham Hin on the border of Burma and Thailand, it was clear that water transforms lives. The IRC had installed an irrigation system, which I think was one of the main reasons the people there were thriving. They had access to clean water to drink, to use for cooking and to keep themselves clean and healthy.  That’s why I am giving the gift of Clean Water.” Another trip with IRC inspired her other gift choice as well. “Recently I visited the IRC’s New Roots community farm in San Diego where resettled refugees can grow their own food.  Farmers there can then sell their produce at local farmers’ markets, which enables them to put money back into their gardens and support their families.  This is also a great way to contribute to their new communities  — so I am giving a Community Garden.”

The actress hopes that others will join her in choosing gifts that will have an impact. “These are just two of many Rescue Gifts you can choose. I’m a very big fan of the IRC’s work. That is why I’m using my voice to support their efforts and encouraging everyone I know to give an IRC Rescue Gift this holiday season,” she wrote.

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