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The horse carriage nightmare continues in NYC as holiday shoppers witnessed yet another fall on Sunday near the corner of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street.

According to a spokesman for the Horse and Carriage Association of New York, who objected to the title of the YouTube video (NYC Carriage Horse Collapses 12/4/11 Copyright Win Animal Rights) the horse did not collapse, but instead “caught its toe in the pavement, which is quite common.”

A commenter on the Huffington Post however, took issue with that explanation saying, “I own horses and that IS NOT just a slip on a crack in the pavement. I suppose they think that everyone in society are buffoons. Not all!”

Watch the video below (warning: strong language):



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  • Crwler

    Whoever shot this video is an idiot. She asks the people helping the horse to “get out of the way so I can get it on video.” What a heatless bitch!! Putting the welfare of the animal second to her desire to make a point. Having owned horses all my adult life, I can say the people attending the animal are doing all the right things. Keeping him calm while removing the harness, helping him back on his feet, etc. Why does the video end once the horse is up? Perhaps the person filming didn't want us to see that the horse was not injured after all? I do not know anyone who makes a living with horses who would willingly mistreat them. Most of them put the animals needs ahead of themselves. Horses are proud and noble animals and they do not mind “working”. More than I can say for some people.

  • Crwler

    Make that “heartless”, not “heatless”. Stupid typo.

  • Ms Wandas

    I have to say I agree with the last comment. The person filming does seem incredibly self obsessed, like her filming is the most important thing in the world. the horse does seem fine at the end and the people work quickly and calmly to get him back on his feet again. What point is exactly trying to be made here anyway?