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During any show, there are a number of lucky people who get to attend for free. They may be a friend of the band, staff, or have some other in. However, according to Adele, those who attend her concerts for free will now have to pay a price…to charity. Her rider specifies that if a person didn’t have to pay for a ticket, they must make a minimum donation of $20 to Adele’s charity of choice.

The Mirror reports
the funds will go to support the Stillborn and Neonatal Death Charity (SANDS) in the UK. SANDS works to support anyone affected by the death of a baby, improve the quality of care and services offered to bereaved families, and help reduce the number of babies who lose their lives each year.

A singer’s rider can tell you a lot about the person. We’re glad to know that Adele’s requirements for performing are so altruistic. What are some other necessities? Gum, muesli and chocolate.

We hope her voice gets better soon so she can start bringing in the cash from groupies, venue staff and others who get to hear her perform for free.

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  • Herwin

    thats dmb and unfair. its common that all the people who work hard like the crew and dont get in the spotlight, can put a limited nmber of their friends on the guestlist.
    Now this singer wants to take away these small bonuses of her crew ?
    If she wants to donate, do it with her own money, donate a percentage of your own profits, dont force ordinary people who feel lucky to get a free ticket, to “donate” THEIR money to the charity of YOUR choiche.