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Photo: Sustainable Energy for All

The Grammy-award winning band Linkin Park is making Haiti’s holiday season bright by bringing solar light to the country, as part of the United Nations’ 2012 International Year of Sustainable Energy for All campaign.

Ever since the tragic and damaging earthquake, Haiti has struggled putting the pieces back to together. Now, thanks to a little help from the band and supporters of Music for Relief, a renewable, clean solar light bulb can be given to the country.

“We chose Haiti for this project because the country faces severe energy poverty,” Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park’s lead vocalist said. “There are 34 million people in the Western Hemisphere who have no access to modern energy; 8 million of them are in Haiti. By helping Haiti we can make a huge impact, so it’s a great place to start.”

With just a donation of $10 made at Power The World, one solar light bulb will be donated to a family who lives without electricity. These light bulbs provide renewable energy and reduce health and fire risks, since Haitians have to rely on candlelight or kerosene for light.

More than 1.3 billion people live without electricity worldwide, so through this campaign Linkin Park is asking to not only provide light, but help clinics provide medical services after the sun sets and give light to families so children can study and parents can continue with their work.

The band hopes that by spreading this message, fans and others will “encourage governments, large companies and non-governmental organizations that can make an enormous impact in solving this problem.”

Last month, the chart-topping band pledged their support to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s initiative and EarthSpark International to help 1 million families gain access to clean energy and electricity. Watch below, to see Linkin Park show their support.

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