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Holly Robinson Peete, Sarah McLachlan, J.K. Simmons, Sinbad and a few other celebrities helped make the inaugural Blue-Tie Jean Ball a success. The ball, held at the House of Blues in L.A., raised approximately $250,000 for Autism Speaks, a non-profit focused on autism science and advocacy. While the stars were helping to raise money for the cause, they were happy to share their green holiday tips with MNN’s Ecollywood.

Sarah McLachlan headlined the show with her songs, “Loving You is Easy,” “Adia,” “Angel,” and a few other hits. McLachlan wanted to lend her voice to the cause because a friend of hers has a severely autistic child. Her green habits for Christmas include staying home for the holidays and recycling. She told MNN, “We recycle all our Christmas paper and gift bags and use them again.”

Holly Robinson Peete, who has a son with autism, recycles her Christmas paper and gift bags like McLachlan. According to MNN, Peete also packs her children trash-free lunches all year long. For the holidays she plans to go skiing in Utah with her family while adopting another family to give gifts to. Peete said, “It’s all about being together.”

The auctioneer for the Autism Speaks event was comedian turned funk-blues artist Sinbad. He plans to hang out with his family and decorate his tree for the holidays. According to MNN, he plans to add solar panels to his recording studio in an effort to make it as green as possible.

Max Burkholder, the pre-teen actor who plays Max Braverman, a teen with Asbergers Syndrome, on NBC’s “Parenthood,” came out to support the Autism Speaks event. He told Ecollywood that his green holiday tips included, “recycling all wrapping paper and sometimes reuse ribbons.”

J.K. Simmons, who plays Chief Pope on TNT’s “The Closer,” plans to hang out with his kids, relax or as he puts it, “sit on my butt for a few weeks,” watch some football, eat and visit the gym during the holiday season. He claims he has been recycling wrapping paper “before it meant to be green” and explained that he has solar panels on his home. He spoke highly of his recent purchase of a Chevy Volt, a plug-in hybrid electric car, “I got 750 miles on it and used one gallon of gas!” He claims his waste is pretty low because he lives alone, doesn’t buy a Christmas tree, doesn’t use a lot of water and conserves in whatever ways he can.

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