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Photo: B. Proud/Human Rights Campaign

Ricky Martin is speaking out against a proposed bill that would amend Puerto Rico’s hate crime legislation. The changes would exclude gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens from protection.

According to Fox News Latino
, Martin wrote “I’m very sad about the turn the discussion on Criminal Law is taking in Puerto Rico that proposes the elimination of aggravating factors in cases where crimes are committed out of prejudice toward the victim.” The singer continued to say that Puerto Rico is “promoting inequality and hate,” instead of providing basic rights to all of its citizens. “They ought to do their homework and review a little the Universal Declaration of Human Rights…which says that everyone – the citizens – are equal before the law and have, without distinction, the right to equal protection under the law.”

The American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) chapter in Puerto Rico and Amnesty International have also spoken out about the possible changes. The ACLU will speak to legislators and urge them not to support the bill.

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  • Funinsnow

    I don’t know why Jennifer Mishler is writing about a topic which has nothing to do with animal welfare. But as Jennifer Mishler in her profile says she loves animals, then I hope she is against sex changes mutilations. Sex changes if Jennifer Mishler doesn’t know was 1st done on animals. If Jennifer Mishler is an animal lover, then she has to oppose sex changes. I believe in abolishing sex changes because it’s maiming men & women to make them artificial members of opposite sex. Abolish sex changes.

    As to violence against gays, does Jennifer Mishler know that almost all the violence whether it’s assault&battery or murder cases involving gays are almost always domestic violence cases? If some1 commits a violent crime, then they should be punished for it. Only a few cases of gay bashings are straight men bashing or killing gays. What I’ve found with this is that they’re almost always men reacting or overreacting to criminal abuse the gay did. I am peaceful & oppose starting fights. But if a gay is going to be anti-social such as harass a man (proposing to some1 straight or no after they’ve said no is harassment) or commit assault&battery on a man (such as grab man’s groin against will), then a man has a right to use just force to end the abuse. If a man bashes or kills a gay after the gay grabbed the man’s butt or groin against will, then while the man may have overreacted, he overreacted to crime (assault&battery) the gay did.

  • JR Johnson

    With gay bashing cases, I have found that gays often harass & or commit assault/battery on teenage boys to men in early 20s & the men react by bashing the gay. Most men and boys who are victims of gays usu. won’t call cops to report that a gay is committing indecent exposure, harassment or in worst cases molestation until some1 reacts violently and bashes the gay. If a defense lawyer in a gay bashing case wants to raise a crime the gay did such as harassment, indecent exposure, etc. before man reacted violently, then that must be regarded in deciding verdict. A jury can acquit or if they convict, they can convict a person on lesser charge.Again, if defense lawyer wants to bring up criminal conduct the homosexual did-harassment, indecent exposure, assault and battery, etc. before man reacted violently, then homosexual’s antisocial conduct must be regarded by jury in deciding verdict. Jury decides if it’s justified or excess force. Jury decides if it’s justified or excess force.

    A rebuttal people make is that gay bashers will sometimes say things to justify their deeds such as saying the homosexual committed indecent exposure, harassment, stalking and so on and that it’s the gay basher’s side of story which may or may not be true. Yes-but just as gay basher’s have interest to justify their deeds, gay bashing victims have interest to make themselves look like innocent victims. We don’t always know the other side of story and that is usually different from what homosexual says happened.

    As with ANY assault and battery or murder cases including gay bashing cases, unless there is a pleabargain (which happens in most criminal cases) juries decide after hearing both prosecutor and defense lawyer. Juries decide what is reasonable & excess because each case is different and must be judged individually. Also these situations are unpredictable. If you’re a store owner there is no need to put up signs that say ‘don’t steal’ because stealing is a crime and no need to say no to a crime that the other person had no right to do. If some1 is stealing from your store, the right thing to do is use reasonable (not excess) force to stop the the thief and have the police arrest the thief. If you do nothing, then worse can happen as these situations can be unpredictable. It is possible for a thief to be stealing anything small such as shoplifting candy to expensive things such as diamonds and then beat up or kill the shop keeper in the same crime. Many cases where thieves have beaten up or killed shop keepers after stealing. No, stealing alone does not justify deadly force but theft may not be the only crime intended and it is possible for thieves to beat up or kill their victims. If the thief is high on drugs then it is possible for the thief to be stealing things and then in a drug rage attack or even kill the store owner including with his own hands.

    If it is true the homosexual was doing antisocial conduct before he was bashed, then yes, a jury must decide if it was justified or excess force to end the abuse.It is wrong to think that if you do nothing and walk away, the homosexual will end there-When homosexuals commit sex abuse, the first thing they do is commit indecent exposure, stalking assault and battery before doing something worse. Again if it’s true homosexual committed indecent exposure, harassment, stalking, etc. before men reacted violently, then the fact the homosexual committed a crime before he was bashed must be decided by jury in deciding if gay basher(s) used reasonable or excess force. I would rather have a case where a jury decides if a man’s reaction to bashing or killing a homosexual is justified or excess vs. the man doesn’t do enough and the gay does something worse. Most gay bashings I have found are men reacting to crimes which the homosexual first did such as after a homosexual committed indecent exposure, assault & battery or other crime.