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Yesterday, on the 31st anniversary of John Lennon’s death, former Beatle Ringo Starr launched a new anti-weapons initiative, not only in honor of his friend and band mate, but to promote “peace and love.”

Starr took his artistic skills to a new level by designing a statue for the The Non-Violence Project. The unveiled statue was that of a gun and its barrel tied in a knot supporting Starr’s hopes for tougher sentences for anyone caught with guns.

The drummer, 71, spoke about his stance at Gibson Studio in London and said, “If you are caught with a gun it should be a higher sentence.”

“Guns are just becoming more and more. They’re like the death of choice. So we hope that young people will stop.

“I can’t stand up and dictate to the world: ‘it’s over – no more guns.’ I can just do what I do, and there’s another side to the story which is peace and love.”

Starr also spoke about when he heard Lennon had died. In 1980, Lennon was shot and killed by Mark Chapman outside of the Dakota building in New York. This was a “mad moment” for Starr as he explained “My stepchildren called saying, ‘Something’s happened to John.’ And you don’t think, ‘He’s been killed,’ so you say, ‘Well, what’s happened?’”

“They called me back. They called and said, ‘John’s been killed. He’s been shot and he’s dead.’”

In the midst of talking about his friend, Starr pointed to his statue and said “It was a bad day. But it was a bad day because someone took one of these and shot John.”

The multi-colored statue even has ‘Imagine’ written above the trigger for Lennon’s famous song about peace. In reference to his artwork, Starr said “I think they should be produced bigger and placed on a plinth on Trafalgar Square. Other musicians should make one too. They should spread it out.”

Just imagine all the people whose lives could be saved by taking part in this initiative.

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  • Brandt Hardin

    Imagine an entire world living in peace… John saw the beauty and inherent good in humanity. I tried to do his legacy justice and channel his world-embracing and loving energy this week with a tribute portrait inspired by his music and his passion for changing the world. You can see this new work of art in memoriam on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot… along with some pictures showing how I created it. See John holding the Universe in his hand and spreading his message. When you stop by, let me know how his words and music have affected your life and creativity!

  • Herwin

    No, no, no ! You are so wrong, Ringo, putting people in prison with tough sentences who have basically done nothing wrong exept walking around with a gun is wrong. The prisons are already full with people serving times many years for futile things like smoking marihuana, and NOBODY comes better out of jail and NOBODY who has the pea brain to carry a gun will leave his gun at home.

    Tougher gun laws, that's the solution, not putting more and more people in jail. Go fight the gun lobby and go fight for stricter gun regulations, that people cant buy a gun easy anymore. But dont go yapping around of putting some poor bastards in jail for years.

    And some more hollywood movies NOT glorifying criminals and guns also would go a long way..

    LBNL, a gun with a knotted barrel looks pretty decades ago.

    • Miss Gideon

      Actually you are wrong. If a guy is a prior felon and has a gun.. tough
      When they had huge sentences in NY for felons with a gun they stopped carrying them. They had dealers on tape saying don’t bring a gun.