Toronto Triumph Anti-Fur Appearance
by China DeSpain
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Photo: PETA

If you’re a fan of MTV2, you might occasionally catch some of the Lingerie Football League games. While the players might be sporting skimpy skivvies, make no mistake: they’re serious about the sport, which is full-contact. Another thing they’re serious about? Campaigning against the use of fur.

The members of the Chicago Bliss and the Toronto Triumph have teamed up with PETA to promote the anti-fur message. The Triumph players appeared at Toronto’s Eaton Center on December 7, carrying signs that read “Tackle Cruelty: Bench Fur,” to encourage holiday shoppers to keep their purchases fur-free. Meanwhile, the Bliss gals filmed a video for PETA about the cruelties of the fur industry.

“When you wear that fur jacket you don’t ever really think about, ‘What happened to this animal for me to be putting this on?'” says one player in the video. PETA campaigner Emily Lavender adds, “Wearing fur is a personal foul. With so many stylish, warm, and durable fabrics available today, there’s no excuse for wearing anyone’s skin.”

Although it’s well established that the fur industry is cruel, some consumers might be shocked to learn exactly how bad it is, and PETA wants everyone to be informed.

The Huffington Post cites this fact from PETA: “When people learn that millions of innocent animals are beaten, boiled, hanged, and electrocuted for their fur every year; that each fur coat, each piece of fur lining or fur trim, and each fur cat toy represents the intense suffering of dozens of animals; and that furriers intentionally mislabel the fur of cats and dogs as fur from other species or as faux fur — then every decent human being will want to go fur-free.

The PETA website offers additional info. “On fur farms around the world, chinchillas, foxes, minks, raccoons—and even dogs and cats—suffer from the time they are born until their final breath. Many people are shocked to learn that fur farms use the cheapest and crudest slaughter methods available, including bludgeoning, gassing, and anal electrocution.”

PETA is asking consumers to help fight fur by taking their anti-fur pledge. The animal rights group also has a cruelty-free shopping guide to help everyone make ethical decisions this holiday season and beyond.

Now, as for those foxy footballers: you can check out the clothed campaign shot here. More interested in the skimpier photo? PETA has it here, but it’s probably NSFW, unless you work in a very relaxed office.

You can also hear what the players have to say about the fur industry, but be warned. This video has some graphic images (and I’m not talking about nude football players):

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  • Roxxy529

    Just curious where those ladies are purchasing their cosmetics, because many products come from or have been tested on animals…

    • Remy Chevalier

      Actually, if you knew PeTA better, you’d know that PeTA co-sponsors many green, vegan and organic cosmetic brands, and is an avid supporter of the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics. So you’d probably be hard pressed to find a PeTA activist actually buying any brands of beauty products still testing on animals. Your comment is uninformed.

  • Laurel Khutulun Lee

    hate this… exploiting one form of oppression in the name of another. the lingerie football in the first place and PETAs general campaigns, rather than these women going one step further.