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Actress Drew Barrymore is reverting to her former wild ways — at least in terms of her diet.

The former vegan (and PETA spokesperson), who has been a vegetarian for the past decade, has now added meat back into her diet — just to please her man.

She has been dating her boyfriend, Will Kopelman, for a year, and Kopelman is apparently a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy. Although she initially tried preparing separate dishes for the two of them, she found the challenge too daunting, and has now decided to join her in her boyfriend’s meat-filled meals.

“Drew and Will have been living together, splitting their time between New York and Los Angeles. Drew loves taking care of Will, which includes making home-cooked meals. She’d grill a steak for Will and then fix herself a bowl of rice and beans but that was a total drag,” says an anonymous source, as reported by

The source also noted that while Barrymore tried sticking to her veg diet, it was “just too hard to do it on her own” and that she’s willing to do whatever it takes to please Kopelman, since she thinks he’s The One.

Way to find a guy who supports your lifestyle, Drew.

[Update: Two things. Yes, Drew did give up the diet back in 2002 for, of all things, fashion.

“I still don’t eat a ton of meat, and I don’t wear a ton of leather, but I just don’t put strict limitations on myself anymore,” she told IMDB in 2002. “I don’t beat myself up. I didn’t wear certain designers because I didn’t want any animals to suffer for beauty and stuff, and so I literally was dressed by Old Navy at one point. I still shop there, happily. Urban Outfitters and the Gap, I love those stores. You need basics for stability, but eventually I got tired and wanted to play again. Dressing is like an art form – it’s so much fun.”

But, as of 2010, she was back to saying she was a vegetarian. “I’m like a typical American teenager when it comes to my favorite foods! I love peanut butter with bananas. That’s my favorite. I like grilled cheese sandwiches and I love homemade macaroni with cheese.”

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  • Sam Miller

    I gave up my vegetarianism for a guy once… needless to say we are no longer together and I’m lucky I’ve found a guy who supports my lifestyle, even though he loves his meat he’s prepared to eat vegetarian meals :)

    • Terrillcase30655

      I would never eat vegetarian for a girl. But eating omnivore meals is normal and delicious! I respect why Drew is doing it and I bet she loves eating meat as well.

  • Sam

    My boyfriend and I had that problem for a little while (I’m vegan, he is not). First, I think the critical thing is to talk about it. We sat down once the relationship became serious and we were open about the situation – that I really did not want to revert back to eating animal products and that he was not really open to full-time veganism or vegetarianism. Once we knew where the other stood, we sort of worked from there. Sometimes, he will make something that he likes that just happens to be vegan. If that happens, its awesome and we eat together (I’m really amazed that Drew and her bf couldn’t find any vegetarian dishes that they both liked). Lots of times, we get around it by making something that can be made vegan or omni (Like, we’ll make a stirfry with veggies and soy sauce and rice and stuff – and he’ll add chicken at the end into his portion, or we make burritos and he’ll add pork or chicken to his only at the end). It is totally possible for an omni and vegan to maintain a relationship.

  • veggiesattva

    “She’d grill a steak for Will and then fix herself a bowl of rice and beans but that was a total drag.” She must have been doing rice & beans wrong!! After all those years of vegetarianism, you’d think she’d be able to cook herself some food she actually liked? Come have kala chana w/ basmati rice, or black beans & quinoa with me and my boyfriend, Drew! We’ll change you back!!

    Also not inspiring that she’s willing to change such a huge part of herself for this dude, but he can’t manage to put his own slice of ham on his sandwich? And here I thought you were such a fine role model for little girls and vegetarians alike!

    • veggiesattva

      PS current boyfriend and I are both vegetarian almost-vegans – the magic of finding each other through the internet! Previous boyfriend was a meat-eater while I was vegetarian, but same as Sam’s bf, he just added his chicken or sausage or whatever to his portion of the food, easy peasy. This is a non-problem as far as I’m concerned. Clearly went downhill as soon as Drew started cooking his meat for him!

  • Anonymous

    If anyone makes you prepare food and/or go against your ethics, they are NOT the one. My omnivorous BF was the only one whom supported my going vegan, and ya know what? He doesn’t LIKE that I will never make him a non-vegan meal, but he knows I will always be eager to cook him vegan food. The guy could simply learn to cook flesh for himself, and/or be adventurous in veg cuisine.

  • UpsideDown

    You know people switch to being vegan when in a relationship, people switch religions. To each their own.

  • ilia seo

    Did anyone of you guys try the new intellectus 424 diet? Apparently it’s amazing but I’m no expert.

    • robin-godfellow

      Just another dr Atkins diet look alike with unhealthy ammounts of protein, fat, nearly zero carbs and also lacking in essential phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals which have to be supplemented..

      If you get the burger without the bun and no fries that would be the 424 diet.

      You will develop the metabolic syndrom which can kill your kidneys…and you..

  • Cyrus

    She gave up being a vegetarian about 10 years ago (if she ever really was one):

  • Anan

    I can’t believe Drew would go back on such a moral diet, especially after being a vegetarian for so long. And since it’s never been easier to adopt a healthy and compassionate vegan diet, I’m shocked they couldn’t come to a compromise. You can now find vegan versions of every animal product – including veggie burgers, soy milk, and dairy-free ice cream – at nearly every grocery store and restaurant. Why she have made the veganized version of whatever he wanted and he just add the meat at the end? She should’ve checked out for recipes and advice on how to keep her vegetarian diet while living with an omnivore. Have you guys seen

  • Whoever…

    “has now added meat back into her diet — just to please her man.”
    “she’s willing to do whatever it takes to please Kopelman”

    Come on…!!!! Seriously!?

    Women’s emancipation anyone!?
    What, we’re in the 50’s again or something?

    This is a famous, independent, beautiful (although she’s not my type), rich woman and she changes her lifestyle and beliefs to please a man!?
    Well, she is obviously mistaken when she says that he is the one! When you truly love someone you don’t make that person abandon all his/her beliefs just to please you… that’s not real love – real love means you respect your partner and support him/her all the way!

    Let me tell you something – as a man-, no ‘real’ man respects a submissive woman…
    ‘Men’ might even think it’s fun for a while but after some time it gets really tiresome and they move on or just start treating her very badly!!!

    Never, ever change who you are just to please someone else – that is a foolish and naive mistake…

    • Debi

      oh please – we all compromise and make changes when in a relationship – it is the nature of being in a relationship. geesh, just the fact that she cooked meat for him was a compromise.
      you do what you need to do to make it work. although for many years while I was vegetarian and my husband wasn’t I would prepare a full vegetarian meal, and if he wanted meat he just fixed that part and added it to his mix. It really is all about compromise!

  • Tara_Green

    What a f*cking sell-out. Just let your principles evaporate to keep a man. She disgusts me now.

  • bluemoonbeam

    That’s terrible. How can someone be so passionate about something and then completely throw it out the window for someone else? Completely ridiculous. My wife isn’t a vegetarian, but we still cook meals together. Separate meals, but who cares? I’m so disappointed. I loved Drew Barrymore.

  • James

    “She’d grill a steak for Will and then fix herself a bowl of rice and beans but that was a total drag”

    Wow, what a drag, you talent-less piece of garbage. I don’t suppose it’s a drag on the billions of animals forced into a life of misery, torture, and ultimate death because of your minor inconvenience.

    If you just want to eat steak again, just eat steak again – don’t do it and blame it on your fake reasons that it’s too hard.

    • Terrillcase30655

      She has alot of talent and her decision is the right one!! She has my respect alot more now that she isn’t some vegan and is a normal person. I love her movies as well

      • Mich Shepherd

        so vegans are “abnormal”? you had no respect for someone who was actually doing something to spare the lives of hundreds of animals? nice

  • Herwin

    that must be very hard for her, un-educating herself about the advantages of being veg and forgetting the images about the cruelties of meat.

  • S Worthington78

    RIP to your relationship Drew. No one and I repeat no one is worth giving up your convictions for. Get a backbone girl! I love my partner madly and we plan on marrying and he is a “meat and potatoes” man but he also admires and loves my conviction to be a vegetarian! I once admired you….not now.

  • Callie42802

    That’s garbage! My husband is definitely a meat eater, though he will enjoy veg dishes if they are interesting and flavorful. I am a vegan. I don’t compromise my diet for him, nor would I ever, and he wouldn’t expect me to. I do cook meat dishes for him occasionally, but make myself and our 3 vegetarian kids something else (or we eat the non-meat based parts of the meal depending on what they are). The fact that he won’t support her choice and that she feels the need to compromise for him should be a giant red flag screaming, “He’s NOT the one!”

  • Poo

    I am vegan and my wife eats whatever she wants, but when we eat together at home we both eat according to my diet. I would be disappointed if someone betrayed their beliefs for connivance.

  • Laila Loca

    That’s so STUPID, Drew! I can’t even cook meat much less start eating eat. I wouldn’t change for ANYONE!

  • Laura Beth

    How insulting to blame the decision on it ‘was a drag’ & ‘too daunting’. I’ve been what I call a ‘full vegetatarian’ for 8 years now (no animals or fish ,but occasionally yogurt & cheese). My husband is not. He cooks his own meals when they involve little critters.He is so respectful of my ‘religion’ that he washes the dishes he used. When something is this important,you need to stand your ground. There is also no need to defend a veggie diet. I’ve actually had supposed loved ones insult & belittle me around the Thanksgiving table. Well I have not eaten real meat (Bacon) since 15 yrs,and as I said,cut out all chicken/fish last 8 years. My husband understands my devotion to this cause is not one of being healthier, but one of being kinder.

  • abigail

    Let her find her way. She’s doing ok for herself.

    • robin-godfellow

      …just not for the animals, the environment or the starving people in the third world

  • Annabanana1987

    I have only dated meat eaters, I have not once looked at what I cook in my home or at my job as something I would like to put in my mouth. It’s not an option to me its right and wrong, yes I cook it for my man but he also like my veggie meals. Feta broccoli pasta not vegan but yummers ! I’ve been a veg head since I was 10, and at 13 I cut out Bacon lol. I don’t know how people eat animals, or hurt them
    Not happy about this guess I look up to fake ppl. I’m 24 and used to love her as a powerful female figure, guess no longer

  • Annabanana1987

    And I don’t know if its true, but its sad if it is…I would never go against what I belief for any man or women

  • Cloves

    Just because she’s decided to start eating meat again, doesn’t nessesarly mean she’s doing it “for her man”! I’ve been a vegetarian for 14 years and in the last few months I’ve thought about bring meat back into my life, in moderation and proper husbandry. My bf, of over a year is extremely supportive of my vegetarian lifestyle and he’ll go out of his way to make sure I’ll have the proper foods if he’s cooking or if we go out or to friends/family for dinner. If I change my diet, that’s for me, no one else. Maybe, Just maybe Drew is bringing meat back into her life for Her and not her bf. Just a thought…

    • robin-godfellow

      Someone who is vegetarian/vegan to save living beeings from mutilation, seperating mothers and children and death before adulthood is not just adding dead animals back in the diet again for her/himself.

      When you say animal abuse is wrong you just do not crush kittens in moderation, only once a week or once a month instead of is still wrong.

      Either you think animal abuse is wrong and you do not do it, or you are a hypocrit.

      I mean, I liked the taste of cold smoked dog ham and cat is a favorite dish in switzerland and it is common for people to keep their own pets and slaughter them..they had a good life, even if only some months.

      I still remember how good fresh cooked cat with much sweet paprika tasted or the ham of a bernese have to kill them before they reach 6 month or they get tough..

      My mother still gets upset when I decline her hot pots, but even when I liked the taste of dog and cat when I was young…I do not like it enough to disregard that cats and dogs are living beeings whose life is their own, not mine.

      Ironically I had a pet pig..different countries,different meats

  • Seriously?

    If it were the other way around (where he was the vegetarian and turned her from a “meat and potatoes” kind of chick to vegetarian) I bet you all would not be complaining. It is her life, and if she wants to go back to eating meat, then so be it! Who are we to judge? She isn’t changing who SHE IS; she is simply changing a lifestyle choice. GET OVER IT!

    • robin-godfellow

      Beeing vegan/vegetarian is not just a life style choice.

      When you have someone who obtained from drinking because he would go violent when drunk, you would find that good, or not?

      And than this person throws everything out the window, starts drinking again because of a bf who nags that she is no fun when he drinks and she doesn´t…and there she goes kicking her dog, running over cats and punching turkeys because of beeing drunk…but hey, it is her lifestyle choice, isn´t it?


      • Anonymous

        People don’t understand it’s more than just a dietary choice until they’re on our side of the argument.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if it is true, or if the reasons stated are in fact her reasons, but if they are it is very, very sad indeed. Ms. Barrymore seems to still have immense self-esteem issues (remember this is the woman who has had many problems with drug/alcohol addictions). Instead of bashing her, I offer her compassion & hope that she finds her way back to herself & her true beliefs. No other person can fulfill us. We can only walk alongside.

  • Anonymous

    If you have to change a fundamental part of yourself in order to please your partner then they are not “the one.”

    Of course it makes me wonder how dedicated she was to a cruelty-free lifestyle if this is all it took to break her of it.

    Absolutely pathetic. Vegan celebrities are constantly disappointing us and letting down the animals.

    Add Drew’s name to the list of “people who suck” along with Bob Harper.

  • Thejiujitsujedi

    Weak minds change when others don’t believe as they do to be strong and true to yourself you will look adversity in the face no matter where or whom its coming from and stand strong in what you believe in.

    My wife met me as I became a vegetarian then as I became Vegan she became vegetarian I never felt the need to change what I believed when she was still eating meat nor did I push her to become vegetarian or vegan I just believe in what I believed and she respected it so much she changed her ways because she started to believe and see the truth.

  • Webangel

    I thought she’d given it up long ago, to be honest. Obviously Drew doesn’t have much between her ears anyway if preparing two separate meals (What a challenge!) was too much to cope with.

  • Varga1934

    If feeding yourself is too daunting, hire a chef. Certainly no lack of money…..

  • Michele McCowan

    It’ll be interesting to see how long this relationship lasts. Selling out for a man is not cool. Drew does not have a good track record for relationships lasting anyway. She was not close to being Vegan anyway, but this is disappointing.

  • cassi

    Demoting the well-being of animals just to please a man that can’t accept her lifestyle? I hope she gets super fat. :)

  • Bikelidd

    She gave up 9 years ago. Old news!

  • Tigercats8

    It says she did this to please her man or please if he really cared about her and was a true person he would support her. I would never give up being vegan for anyone. And it is sad that she lets a man control her that way

  • Mohawkgirl506

    Absolutely ridiculous! What a jerk her guy is.

  • Nanash

    Was very excited to find ecorazzi and hyped that there was such a site with GOOD gossip – Guess it was to mush to hope for…slamming people for their personal choices and name calling and bashing right here in only the 4th article I’ve read on the GOOD gossip site…

    It’s a shame that people can not come to grips with something as simple as ‘moderation’ in all things. My sister had stage 4 cancer and was written off by modern medicine. She tried several different diets and medical treatments…her belief in moderation let her live for years after doctors wrote her off…

    Shame there are not more people like her in the world and less judgmental like Im seeing here…

  • Terrillcase30655

    Finally Drew got her sense back and added meat!! Kudos to her!!

  • Bikelidd

    Old news, she stopped in 2002

  • Hannah Ellis27

    She was obviously never a Vegan for the right reasons. Once you have a firm resolve there is no going back. I’m disappointed in Drew :(

  • dl

    From the quotes attributed to her, she appears to be an airhead. Too bad, really, but there are a lot of them out there…

  • Billy Williams

    Drew,Take this from someone who cares,ANYONE who is so uncomfortable with your vegan diet that they want you to change,Is NOT right for you!-Go back to your vegan diet & dump this dirtbag.–Signed,
    Concerned fan.