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Photo: Screen grab from NBC Nightly News

Chelsea Clinton made her debut on NBC’s special segment “Making a Difference” without a hitch proving to her critics that she can be both the daughter of a former President and a good journalist.

“Making a Difference” focused on a non-profit in Clinton’s hometown of Arkansas. A calm, confident and composed Chelsea faced the camera as the segment was introduced. She said, “Thank you Brian, I’m very happy to be here. We met an extraordinary woman who’s been lifting up the lives of hundreds of kids in Arkansas. Her words and her work are a true inspiration.”

Annette Dove is pursuing her life’s calling by helping children in the Arkansas area through the non-profit TOPPS. “I feel like children ought to have someone in their lives that will fight for them or will help them,” says Dove in the interview with Chelsea Clinton.

Topps, Inc. helps support the children of Jefferson County, Arkansas through mentoring programs, tutoring programs, physical fitness for children and reading in the neighborhood events.

The Hollywood Reporter, along with other news outlets, claimed that Clinton only received the special correspondent gig because of her affiliations with the White House. The Hollywood Reporter compared Clinton receiving the job to the likes of Meghan McCain becoming a correspondent for MSNBC and Jenna Bush Hager being a correspondent for the Today show. The online mag said, “Clinton, Hager and McCain are being exploited as eye-catching props by powerful men projecting an image of insider access.” What The Hollywood Report failed to mention was Clinton’s thorough education and her actual qualifications for landing a job as a special correspondent.

Clinton’s credentials include a Bachelor of the Arts in History from Stanford, a Master of Philosphy in International Relations from University College in Oxford, and a Master of Public Health degree from Columbia University. She is still pursuing her education by seeking a doctorate at Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

Her education should speak for itself. Her fame may have helped her get her foot in the door, but her credentials certainly got her the job.

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