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Cat with 26 Toes Saves Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center

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While it’s usually the job of an animal shelter to save a cat’s life, Daniel the orange and white tabby has been using his natural gifts to save the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center.

Daniel isn’t quite like the other cats. Sure, he runs and plays like a normal feline, but if you look down at his toes you’ll see he’s packing an extra eight digits. That’s right. Twenty-six toes.

How do twenty-six toes save a shelter? When staff at the Animal Rescue Center found out that their rent was being doubled as of January 1st, they started a fundraising campaign to allow them to buy their own building. They’ve asked locals to donate $26 to the cause. That’s $1 for each of Daniel’s toes. The community responded enthusiastically and so far, has raised $80,000. The rescue is hoping to raise another $50,000 by December 23rd.

Daniel, now a permanent resident of the shelter, was born with a genetic mutation called polydactylism. When Amy Rowell, owner of the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center, went to pick up a different cat at animal control, Daniel stuck his paw out and nudged her head. Rowell said, “He was very clearly saying, ‘I need to be rescued, I’d like to be your friend, please pay attention to me.’ And when a sign is that obvious, we tend to not ignore it.”

The Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center is a no-kill shelter that saves animals from facilities where they might be euthanized.

Via Northwest Ohio

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  • Caipirinha

    what a sweet story! can people donate online to the shelter? is there a link?

    • Ali Berman

      You sure can, Caipirinha. Right here: http://www.milwaukeearc.org/donate.html

    • Hi Caipirinha! I just donated $26 from their website. I just googled the name of the Milwaukee Animal Rescue, and google led me to their website which was what Ali Berman wrote below. Then click the Daniel 26-toed cat story, and there will be a link below the story which says “donate by phone; by mail; by online”. I clicked the one which says “online” and this led me to the PayPal which will ask you to write your messages about Daniel the 26-toed cat. Good luck! 🙂

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